Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is sensory play and you'll be surprised how something so simple can keep kids entertained...until they actually play with it themselves. What exactly is this mysterious product?

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The secret behind Kinetic sand


Similar in many ways to Play Doh (but a lot funnier in our opinion), it could Magic or Kinetic Sand can be described as a dry version of wet sand found on the beach (if that makes sense...), sand that can be shaped and shaped and will not dry out. If you're looking for the ultimate in sensory fun, then come on Kinetic Sand not over, with its soft silky feel, it's stretchy, malleable and feels amazing!


educational toy

Pretty cool right? Here are some of our favorite things about these amazing products:


It seems to defy physics!


Part of what these kinetic sand what makes it so amazing is that he understands the physical nature of sand opposes to which we are accustomed. So when we first see him move and shape, it's fascinating to see. The video above demonstrates this very well. No matter what you do with that sand make, it always sticks together and keeps its shape unlike normal sand. As you play with it you'll see it ooze and melt through your hands - it's quite an experience.


It is easy to clean and not harmful in any way


From a parent's perspective, the product deserves two thumbs up. Being kinetic, the sand sticks to itself! Not only is it easy to clean and perfect for indoor play, but it's also gluten-free and harmless to kids who choose to put it in their mouths.


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Kinetic Sand is super relaxing


This applies to both children and adults. The tactile properties of the product are said to reduce stress in the same way as a stress ball. It's really something you have to experience, but you can understand how just running it through your fingers or doodling it on your desk would relax you.


educational toy

It helps promote development


Suitable for children over 3 years, the positive influences of Kinetic Sand on growth and development are well documented. There is evidence that the sand increases sensory awareness, develops hand-eye coordination and encourages creativity as it can be used to create a range of shapes and objects. At a time when children are less active than ever, it is always beneficial to engage youngsters in creative play that will positively impact their development. Sand, the kinetic is the ideal toy for sensory learning and play.


 Kinetic Sand


Kinetic Sand is a form of art


The potential for art and creativity is kinetic with this one sand limitless. A range of amazing colors are available for children to use to create an endless variety of visual masterpieces. You can draw it in, shape it, or make it any shape you like.


educational toy


Ours too bim-ba.shoprecommends the kinetic fun.

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