Role play toys for children

Children are like sponges and love to copy what their parents do. They copy how to eat, how to dress, how to do your hair and much more. Children can benefit from role play toys with different life scenarios to learn more about the world around them and learn important life lessons. Not only is this a learning opportunity, it's also fun!

Play set for preparing breakfast

The good news is that you can toy can use that children have endless at their disposal, including a doll's pram, but you don't need all the bells and whistles of role play toys. If you are looking for Role play ideas that will excite your kids and stimulate their creativity, you should check out these pretend play games for kids.

We have a list of 5 fun role-play toys for children that use their doll's prams for learning and development.

1 - Cooking in the kitchen

Play kitchen for girls

You've probably seen your little ones cooking in the kitchen at one time or another. Pretend cooking is just one of the fun activities on this list that might even inspire them to cook more as they get older.

If you already have a playset with food or kitchen appliances have, that's great. If not, you can make different foods out of cardboard or plain paper and kids' favorite crayons.

You can also give the kids glass-free dishes and utensils to use while playing. They can pretend to cook for their family or restaurant. The sky is the limit!

2 - tea party

Set for toy kitchen

A tea party is a perfect role play game to encourage your child to be social and friendly. Who wouldn't love to meet up with friends and have a great time? Your child can use toy teacups for imaginative play and pretend to serve all their friends a cup of tea.

You can invite your child as a guest or encourage them to role-play with friends. Another great option is for your child to bring all their teddy bears and toys to the tea party.

3 - post office

 Post Office for Children

A postal role-play might not be the first idea that comes to mind, but it's fun and can show kids how letters and packages get to our homes.

You can take extra envelopes or bulk mail that you have laying around and let your child put the envelopes in the letter slots. You can use cardboard to design different letter slots into which the children can put the letters.

Or ask your child to write letters and send postcards to family and friends, and take turns being the postman.

4 - supermarket

Role play toy

How often have your children taken you to the supermarket? If you set up a small grocery store, they can mimic the shopping and mimic what you do when you are in the store.

You can help them make food from toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes and anything else you can think of. A cardboard box makes a great shopping cart for your child to put all of their purchases in.

If your child has a toy register at home, it can also set up its own shop. Get creative and help your child make their own counterfeit money for their shop. This is a fun activity to get friends and family involved!

5 - workshop

Pretend Play gift for kids - workbench

If you have concerns, your child Tool to get your hands on, don't worry. You can also role-play the workshop without real tools. If your child has interactive dolls, barbies, or stuffed animals, they can be the customers.

As for tools, of course, if you allow them to use your hair straighteners, which are off and unplugged, the kids can use curlers, hairbrushes, and colorful clips. Play dough scissors can't cut anything and mimic the real tool if you have play dough around the house.

Of course, these aren't all roleplay toys. There are also construction sites, one doctor's office, a dentist, a hairdresser. And many other options. Just observe what your child likes and choose the role play toys based on their interests.

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