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Wooden toys have a far-reaching tradition and are by no means a phenomenon of our differentiated affluent society, which guarantees us a relatively large amount of free time and thus space for games and fun. On the contrary, active wooden toys seem to be a fundamental concept in human history.


In the past, wooden toys were mostly gender-specific, because girls and boys played in separate groups, for example there were dolls for the girls and wooden toy weapons for the boys – even if it was only in the form of a stick. And the adults didn't miss out either with board and dice games. As much as technology, art and culture have changed since then, some things have obviously stayed the same.


Toys are still popular gifts that bring joy to young and old, girls and boys, children and adults. And wood is still a popular material. The toys offered by are mostly made of Swiss wood or FSC-certified wood and are therefore ecologically sustainable. Wood is a robust material that guarantees longevity and thus conserves resources.

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Games awaken the desire to move and bring variety. They promote creativity and train spatial thinking and motor skills. And they are just plain fun and enrich our lives with childhood experiences that we can remember for a long time. At you will find toys of all kinds:


Activity houses, activity cubes, wooden motor skills busyboards, fine motor skills toys, Montessori toys, doll houses, wooden toys for babies, wooden games, wooden animals, wooden toys, outdoor toys, wooden toys and much more. Great toys for children from six months.


Above makes quality visible. brings together products and brands across the canton that have one thing in common: They are simply better than comparable products from home and abroad - because the quality is right, because the design is convincing, because the product is original and offers real added value and is produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


We at select our products carefully and also take niche products and local characteristics into account. We offer you great products from over 200 Swiss producers in one place - from insider tips to world-famous brands.

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How does work? is the stage and marketplace for top wooden toys from Switzerland. works both as an online gallery and as an e-shop. invites you to browse and linger, lets you share discoveries with friends and keeps you informed about great Swiss products.


Who is the target audience of is aimed at everyone who is looking for high-quality goods and products from Switzerland. To people who value quality, good design, sustainability and Swiss Made and who know that this doesn't come at a bargain price.

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What products does create?

Only the best. We only take the products in ours Online catalog that meet the strict criteria and requirements of our in-house experts and educators. We guarantee a high-quality range with top products from all over Switzerland.


Who is behind

My name is Jana Novak. I was always energetic and full of ideas. All my life I have been looking for new experiences for myself. In 2014, my marriage to Marek has become a project for me to focus on with all my energy. My family is now the top priority in my life. We longed for children. In 2017 Marek and I had a daughter. We have become happy parents. And two years later we were twice as happy: we had a son!

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In 2019 I finally founded the brand. My love for my children and my husband and the experience of our family made me take this step. My energy has given me a new direction! Today there is a wide range of wooden motor toys for early childhood development. Our team knows that children learn best about the world around them through play.


We believe that quality, interesting, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful toys, made mainly from natural materials, are indispensable for the harmonious development of children. Educationally valuable toys promote your child's cognitive and mental development and improve their creative abilities.

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