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If you have to decide on a baby toy, an activity cube is a good choice. It is easy to clean and also stimulates baby's brain in various ways. Years ago, my friend recommended a wooden motor skills cube to my little one. At first I was skeptical because it seemed too simple. I discovered that it promotes learning of key skills like counting, color recognition, and even spatial thinking. I've been looking for the best activity cube for babies for a long time and these are the lessons I've learned.

motor skills cube made of wood

Motor skills cubes for babies offer a variety of To use activities


When choosing your motor skills cube, make sure you choose a wooden cube. If you've read some of our other blogs you know how much I love wooden toys! They are safe, durable and ideal for your child's play and development! They come in all fun shapes, like this a Motor skills cube with small animals


Find one that offers at least 5 activities. They are typically referred to as a "5-in-1 activity center" as each side of the cube has a new activity for your baby. Because of the variety of activities, your baby will play for hours! Here are some examples of how to play with the baby activity cube!


  1. Use your glide beads to work on counting and naming colors! Work on making comparisons too! For example, say, "Are there more orange beads on one side than the other?"


  1. Discuss the times! Most baby activity cubes have a fun clock for your child to play with! They can work on their fine motor skills by starting and stopping the clock hands while they learn to tell the time, including the basics of numbers!

 hape motor skills cube large

  1. Work with the gears! Most baby motor skills cubes include an activity that gets kids thinking about how things fit together. Gears spinning together is a great example of this concept! Play with the gears, show your baby how to move them and watch them discover the fun of play!
    Like the gear activity, baby motor skills cubes always have a side that faces up


  1. Shaping and sorting focused! Your child is beginning to understand shapes and how certain shapes don't go together. With our motor skills cube, the blocks are a fun toy for kids, but putting them through the space provided will give your child a new challenge of solving problems to understand which shapes go where!


One of the most popular features of a motor skills cube is the top! Usually the best motor skills cubes for babies have bead mazes in which you move beads along specific ruffled paths! This is often the absolute baby favourite! It's a great hands-on activity that involves sound, movement, and following a path!

Motor skills cube 1 year

The Motor Skills Cube is a powerful learning resource for babies


The motor skills cube, whether big or small motor cube Encourages counting and math skills while developing color, pattern and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills.


Although a baby activity cube is a toy overall, the play options available make it multiple toys in one!


When you play with your baby and a motor skills cube, your baby will work on a different skill depending on the activity selected.


No matter what, your child will gain developmental gains from playing with a motor skills cube!


Learn more about how babies interact with toy cubes on our blog!

activity cube wood


Of the multifunctional Motor skills cube for babies works for several at the same time


One of the many advantages of a motor skills cube is that more than one baby can play with it at the same time. The different sides allow for simultaneous play while the focus is on the activity and not necessarily on both children doing exactly the same thing


However, if your babies choose to play with the same side, they will learn together!


You'll enjoy a great time while also working on important teamwork and sharing skills!

 hape motor skills cube large

Safe and easy to store away


As parents, we focus more on our child's needs than what we are doing. However, when a toy is quick and easy to pick up and store, that's a bonus we won't turn down.


The best Baby motor skills cube are made of high quality wood, bright, non-toxic colors and smooth surfaces! It's always important to keep a toy's longevity in mind! Save money and put durability ahead of a current toy trend.


The skills your child develops through a motor skills cube are skills that babies will have to work on forever, now and in generations to come! When you buy an activity cube now, you're investing in a toy that will last for many years!


I've always believed that less is more. When it comes to having kids, you always get more stuff. Things that take up space, space that you don't always have! Don't get overwhelmed by buying multiple toys when you only need one! Save yourself stress and time by buying and using a motor skills cube for your baby!

Motor skills cube

Wooden motor skills cube for children from 1 year


When looking at who would benefit most from a motor skills cube, one-year-olds are the main target group. In one, your child is just beginning to make sense of the world around them and essentially needs to work on and strengthen each skill.


Therefore, the Baby Motor Skills Cube is a great option when your child is essentially exploring their own self-awareness, playing and developing skills like color and shape recognition!


Wooden motor skills cubes can also be used earlier and later than a year! When it comes to your child's development, every child is different, despite the notion that children have to follow a specific schedule.


If your child is struggling with counting and is over a year old, you can still use an activity cube as a resource to help your child! If your child seems to be ahead of schedule, use your motor skills cube in different ways to emphasize innovation and encourage creativity.

motor skills cube made of wood

With security an ideal gift!


As you have read, playing with a motor skills cube offers a multitude of advantages. If you buy one yourself you will quickly see the different ways a child can play with this unique toy. Now that you know how good a motor skills cube is for your child, keep this in mind as a gift for other friends and family, and if they have any questions, send them to our blog to read all about the benefits of play!

Ideal for learning and developing


I know how hard you work to provide the best opportunities for your child, especially when working on important developmental skills! Consider the Motor Skills Cube as an easy solution in your search for the best toy for your child. Your child will be kept busy for hours giving you some peace and quiet or an opportunity for you to bond and play with your baby!


Without a doubt, a baby activity cube is often one of the most popular toys for young children! It's multi-dimensional with a near-endless amount of ways to play.


Your child will not only have fun, they will also pick up the best motor skills cubes for babies will also emphasize learning and strengthening lifelong skills that will benefit your child for the rest of his life!

Wooden motor skills cube large

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