baby toys for newborns

At what age do babies start paying attention to mobiles?

Pretty colors, soothing shapes and developmental - what's not to love? Wooden baby mobile make a sweet impression and arouse joy in babies and parents alike. It may seem like newborns don't do much other than eat and sleep for the first few months - but they are actively learning all about the world around them using their five senses. You're already exercising these senses every time you and your baby interact, but certain toys are designed to give your baby an extra boost.

baby toys for newborns

age appropriateness

Mobiles for babies encourage focus and reach for interesting objects. Leave one in the cradle too long and your little one could just catch it! By the time the baby turns five months old, or as soon as he begins to push himself up on his hands and knees, he will be able to reach for the mobile. If your growing baby manages to reach it, they could pull it down on themselves, risking injury and even strangulation.

Can't bear the thought of this beautiful Wooden baby mobile to banish in the closet? Then why not just think about hanging it somewhere else? Try mounting it on the ceiling above your favorite snuggle spot, or hanging it over the changing table to distract your little wobbler during tricky diaper changes. Just make sure it's out of reach and farther from that cot remains.

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Is a Mobiles for babies necessary?

Mobiles aren't just a fun design touch for the nursery - they can also be beneficial for the baby himself. In the first months of life, babies are attracted to bold and contrasting colors, making mobiles ideal for their visual development.

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types of Mobiles for babies

Mobiles come in three basic types: They attach to the side rails of your cots clip, attach to your baby's car seat or stroller, or dangle from the ceiling. While pretty pastel mobiles might catch your eye, for around the first six weeks, babies prefer black and white, followed by other bright colors. Bold designs with sharp contrasts best attract baby's attention. Many come with musical features to stimulate your baby's hearing, while some have projected lights to soothe baby at night.

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Are Mobiles on the baby bed good for newborns?

fact is that a baby mobile is a great decoration and its detail and color enriches the lives of parents and toddlers alike - everyone knows that babies can be soothed by slow mobiles and entertained by active and musical mobiles. But did you know this Baby bed mobiles also help with physical development, muscle strengthening and brain development?


A Nursery Mobile not only for decoration and entertainment, but also plays an important role in a baby's physical and mental development.


Not all babies respond to mobiles in the same way. Some will be fascinated by the toys and colors hanging, while others will be more likely to look for interesting items in their rooms. A mobile can at the side of one cots or changing table can be attached. If you find that changing a diaper is your baby's least favorite time of day, the distraction of a mobile can help both of them get through those few awkward moments. baby mobiles can offer a child support in the following areas:

Strengthening of the eye muscles


The simple act of your baby's eyes following the movements of a moving mobile helps strengthen the muscles that control that eye movement and helps those muscles to develop properly.

 baby toys for newborns

Improved head posture control


As your baby gains more postural control of the head, he will begin to follow the movements of a wooden mobiles to follow by turning or raising his head. The muscles that control head movement are further strengthened by these actions.

hand-eye coordination


Around the age of 3 months, your baby will start having small hands after baby mobile to grasp and learn that it can control where those hands go. By now, your baby's eyesight has improved enough to follow the moving objects in a mobile, and she will enjoy grabbing and slapping the mobile.


Spatial Awareness


Reaching for the mobiles also helps your baby's eyes to understand depth and brain to understand distance, which helps develop spatial awareness. Using a mobile that catches your baby's attention does so much more to their development than meets the eye.

 baby toys for newborns


Mobile security tips

These safety tips may not be as important when you first bring your bundle of joy home, but as they grow and begin to pull themselves up they will come in handy for your child's safety:

Make sure, that baby mobiles are securely fastened


It may seem simple enough, a Baby mobile on the side of a cot set up, but make sure it is securely fastened. If it falls on a baby, there is a risk of strangulation and suffocation.

Choose cell phones with short cords


If you buy a brand new one today baby mobile When you buy a toy, especially in countries with strict standards for children's toys, chances are the cords holding the mobile toy are short enough not to pose a strangulation hazard. However, if you shop at antique or vintage stores or websites, it's possible that older mobiles may have cords that are too long.

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baby mobiles check for loose parts


Gently tug on a mobile's toys to ensure they are securely attached. You don't want items dated baby mobile fall and pose a choking hazard.


Also, it's best if a child can sit up or pull themselves up, that Mobile out of bed gain weight. Babies are often stronger than you think and can pull themselves up and yank toys off the mobile.


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 baby toys for newborns

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