motor development in children

"The game is the highest form of research" - Albert Einstein


An absolutely correct statement, don't you agree? Play is the best way children start learning. Children love to discover and learn new things from a very early age in their lives. As parents, we fill our homes with toys that our little ones love and have fun with. But did you know that encouraging your child to use educational activity toys playing can promote intellectual and motor development?


The introduction of educational and physical toys at an early stage of a child's developmental years results in them enhancing their senses, stimulating their imagination and improving their social skills.


Why should parents invest in children who active toys and learn games?


“My child learns enough in his school. I don't want my child to feel the pressure to learn while playing."


"She's too small for educational toys."


As a parent, these might be the thoughts you are having right now. But let us get it straight for you. Children are naturally quick learners and good observers. It's up to you how to support and shape their innate ability to learn to create a better future. educational toys are not necessarily those with letters or numbers on them. Colorful blocks and attractive jigsaw puzzles are also available educational toys.


Also, you don't have to worry about the pressure these educational toys can put on your kids. This educational toys are undoubtedly designed in such a way that your children will not even notice that they are learning for the sheer fun. Active educational toys serve as a playful support in the learning process.


There are no age limits for introducing your child to educational toys. Babies, Toddlers, preschoolers and older children benefit equally from these toys. Parents should also invest their time in choosing age-appropriate toys for their children.


Musical instruments, connector toys, simple puzzles, craft toys, boxes, building blocks, and dress-up toys are some of the best developmental toysthat encourage creativity and problem-solving skills in children. Understanding your child's interests and their developmental stages will help you choose the right educational toys and games for your kids.

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advantages of active toys

We will explain to you in which areas your child will benefit from the use of educational toys:

  1.  Improves motor development

A active educational toy is associated with the development of children's sensorimotor skills. Colorful and vibrant lights and sounds improve the sense of sight in young children. Craft toys and activities improve fine motor skills in older children. This will further cultivate children's personality and communication skills.

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  1.  Increases IQ and promotes problem-solving skills

Educational and developmental toys are known to increase your child's IQ through better memory, coordination and increased literacy. Children, the active toys and games help challenge their minds. For example, if the child stacks the blocks but fails to balance them, they will see them all fall into pieces.


Another example is the jigsaw puzzle. The child must focus all his energy and attention on solving puzzles. Over time, these challenges will help their minds grow and develop better problem-solving skills.

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  1.  Develop social and emotional intelligence

You can train your child right at home and make them a social being. With educational toys Children take on role-plays, understand emotions and develop empathy. These toys take your child through different social situations that develop and encourage sharing, leading, bonding, caring, waiting, etc. Playing also develops their emotional intelligence as they respond to emotions such as anger, laughter or sadness.

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  1.  Better and improved concentration

By the active games help your child focus on one task for a longer period of time. Introducing toys from an early age will help your child improve concentration. This simple tactic will bear fruit later during his apprenticeship.

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  1.  Creates creativity and imagination

educational toys not only promote learning and growth, but also give your kids the ability to think creatively. This active toys contain games that encourage your child's creative imagination. You will see your kids use their creative skills and make something beautiful out of it.

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 motor development in children

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