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The educational game Busy Brettchen is a wooden game board with many useful elements for babies from 6 months.
The active board can be made in both gentle and more severe shades. You can choose the color of the base and elements from the list or offer your own option.

Busy board for kids

When you buy this product, you will receive a unique gift as a giftstudy guide for exciting activities with your child!

multifunctional toy for early education. Rectangular busy board - more than 30 games in one toy!

Give your child a meaningful and fun-filled alternative to the tablet or mobile phone. Your kid will love it!
Busyboard is based on the principles of Montessori toys, so that the child:

  • developed fine motor skills finger and learn about the world around you
  • strengthens the neural signals and enriches the brain and memory with impressions

Our busy boards for children:

  • suitable for toddlers from 1 to 5 years
  • Handcrafted and completely safe for young children
  • All levels are ground and sharp edges are rounded
  • Convenient folding feet supplies
  • Does not take up much space in the room thanks to its construction
  • Convenient holder to carry

Wooden educational toy for children is an original educational and entertaining toy, as well as an unusual gift for curious minds.

Size: 50x60cm



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The learning board is designed to engage your baby's impatient hands and inquisitive mind with fun play elements that encourage them to push, twist, discover and actively develop necessary skills and motor skills.

We have thought through everything down to the smallest detail, every detail. All game elements are arranged harmoniously. It's a pleasure to play with. The baby and parents will like it. You will fall in love with it at first sight.
A special sliding flash light, closed with a special light filter, thereby protecting baby's eyes from bright light.
When unfolded, the interesting board has a special angle of inclination, which is convenient for playing.
All of our heavily damaged boards are very stable.

Our activity board is made from natural, ECO components and is 100% safe for children.
We use a special water-based paint to coat the game board. It is designed for children's toys.
We only make from quality materials.

We are direct manufacturer. All of our models are designed by us personally.

More than 20 game elements in one place. This variety allows you to occupy the baby and give the parents free time. Our occupied board has the following elements: flashlight, fasteners, zipper, gears, bell, wheels, socket, button, telephone, remote control and much more. We offer the most beautiful and functional multi-strung board for your children. Each of our studded boards is assembled with a lot of love.

Our mission is to make a quality product for children and bring them joy and joy in play.
We would be very grateful if you would leave us a small review after receiving the interesting board.
We try to get better every day!

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