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Overview Baby gift set, newborn gift, baby box

If you are after a baby shower gift are looking for, our product is ideal.
An absolutely charming BabyBox for newborns!

- Suit made of hypoallergenic cotton thread (bloomer with navels, hat, socks)
- "Dandelion" muslin bodysuit

A few important points:
- In the manufacture we use a hypoallergenic cotton thread specially developed for newborns.
- You can wear the suit on the naked body or with any bodysuit. Our muslin bodysuits are ideal for this.
- Washing by hand or machine (knitwear) 3at a temperature of 30 degrees. Ironing is not necessary.
- maximum use up to 6 / 9 months (depending on the size of the baby, webbing on flowers can be swapped)
- The phrase is universal. Babies sleep with it very sweetly, so it is convenient to carry both on the street and at home.
- Totally handmade


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