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multifunctional house for children

So many ways to play. Your child will game center love and don't want to stop. Learn, play and have fun with enthusiasm. There's a lot too discover. Addresses all sense organs. It is felt to be great right away and your baby will also deal with it on its own.

purchase one busy boards in our company:
- You make an invaluable contribution to the development of your baby and his happy future.
- You save your money, because you get a high-quality gaming complex that will replace many toys and will serve you for many years.
- Busyboard is on unique gift and the best way to express your love for the baby and his family.
- Busyboard in the shape of a house allows the baby to play anywhere, you don't need to drill holes in your walls to hang it, and the house can become a garage for cars or a house for dolls.

 The most important elements:
- gears
- lacing
- Sorter, 3 types of maze
- 3 puzzle inserts in the shape of different animals
- Doors with locks
- thread
- Velcro (funny items)
- Socket with plug
- Switch
- roller
- And a few more interesting items

Size: 38x38x60cm


quality fittings



Item number - 6040-06С