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Cloth book baby, soft book - big book

Soft book for children will delight the baby with colorful pages, and the convenient size of the toy book allows you to take a fabric book with you even for a walk. The child will surely like the soft development book and spend an exciting time with it.

Soft book has:
- 16 game elements
- 15 material
- Large teether made of food-safe silicone
- Sounds
- Elements on rubber bands

Best gift:
- Completely handmade !!
- is the best gift for children and toddlers, whether boys or girls

- for the development of the baby in a playful way: you learn the world around you and also colors, sizes, directions, you develop coordination and fine motor skills, imagination, logic, attention and much more! ⠀
- It won't break, wrinkle, or tear!
- You can lick it and taste it, grab it, pull the laces and elastics.
- It can be washed and not only completely, but only dirty gaming tablet, separated from the cover

Size: 20 x 20 cm


Quality fittings
Hypoallergenic materials


20 x 20 cm

Item number - PLMB-SB0101