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The fine motor skills is when playing and working with ours Children already from 1 year Equally important as the gross motor skills. We all use and need these skills; However, children with dyspraxia, dysgraphy and hypermobility must all regularly train and develop these skills to make everyday objects easier to write, build, dress and hold.

Toys for children parents help the development of children

In this post we beat 20 funny games and Fine motorcycles toys To practice finger movements, gripping, pressing, stretching and controlling and thus to better coordinate the work of the brain and muscles. Skill exercises with a fun twist - Great!

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1. Grab with a kitchen tong

How many Fine motorcycles toys, Building blocks or pearls succeed in and clear it with just one kitchen?


  1. Sticker books

Cheap stickers from bargain shops are perfect for fine motor Finger movements for pulling off and sticking stickers to practice different size.


  1. Buttons in a biscuit

Take a bowl of 30 different button pairs or groups - how long does it take until your child sorts the buttons properly in different cookies? Sort by size, shape or color to vary the game every time and see if you can beat your own time when you try next time.

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  1. Paint with watercolors

This Fine motorcycle game for children from 1 year Works best outdoors on a sunny day, where there is space to paint with different large brushes of water color images on the terrace, in the garden or in the courtyard.


  1. Crush garbage

Make good use of all the unnecessary leaflets that come in the mailbox. Bug with yours Children of all ages to balls of different sizes and then throw them into a trash or bowl - a great competition: If you meet in the basket or bowl you get a point - Makes Eione Quantity Fun!


  1. Muddy monster

To mold to monster bodies and decorate them with towels, pipeline legs, buttons, beads and noodle shapes, helps small Children from 2 years, become creative. Who wins the monster parade?

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  1. Create collage: Cut and stick

Colored paper squares, a DIN-A4 sheet, scissors and glue are everything you and her Child from 2 years need to create a colorful collage. Cut and glue these small paper squares so that they overlap and build up a picture or pattern without gaps between them. A great fine motorcade toy for children.


  1. Find a fastener quickly

How fast can you and your child find their own clothes that can be closed in different ways? Buttons, zippers, Velcro closures, push buttons, hook and eye closures ... Collect them in a laundry bag and then pull as many garments as possible and very important: Make them! And vice versa: Who manages to remove all the garments and closed back on a clothes hook?

 Toys for children parents help the development of children

  1. Creepy crawling animals

Roll out six long pieces of kneading. How many small worms can you make plastic with a knife and a fork by cutting the kneading mass with knife and fork into pieces? A really scary Fine motorcycle game.

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  1. Finger color blob

How many different print images can be colored only Create with your fingers or thumb on paper?


  1. "Mugstacking"

Use party cup to play a stack game. Thus, you practice the control capability with your child. An exciting fine motorcade game for children from 2 years. How high will your tower become? How many mugs can you use before the beaker falls? How do you best stack the cups so that they stop longer?


  1. Tweezers Fine motor skills

Plastic oversized tweezers are cheap online and are ideal for gripping and printing movements to grab buttons, pasta forms, beads or pebbles to move them to small shells for sorting.

busy toys sensory toys

  1. Office clamp

How many paper clips can be connected to a chain in a minute? Try to extend your chain with your child with every time. Knifflige Fine Motorik Game!


  1. Clip

Put a stack of clothespins made of wood or plastic on the table. Practice the clothespins around a flowerpot or a bowl around on a long ruler and fasten. Clothes made of wood could be marked with letters to simultaneously practicing the formation of words.


  1. Lace-up

Fold a DIN-A4 sheet in horizontal stripes to a wave-like shape. Punch along the folded paper about all 3 cm holes with a punch. Open the paper and now you have a finished lace template to practice the threading of ribbons or laces.

 Toys for children parents help the development of children

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