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The philosophy behind toys like the Montessori Activity boards is very simple: a natural toy, mostly made of wood. This is based on the conviction that children should be encouraged to explore the world around them. The game is a big part of child development.

Children quickly learn playfully by touching and exploring different items. A Activity boardor busy board is one MontessoriToys that inspires learning through experiments.

It is a toy that can touch and hold a child. Learning to deal with everyday objects helps children to develop their fine motorcade. It will also help him find out and edit things themselves and in his own pace.

You do not even need a lot of toys for your toddler. With a curious toddler who likes to be tinked, less can be more. They love to play with wooden blocks, to jump on a minicouch, to craft on a box with kitchen utensils of plastic, scatter paper over the living room floor and enjoy a game without an end. The best way to offer your child's full sensory experience is to give him Montessori Activity Board admit.

Montessori Activity Boards are best suited for Babies

Use from birth to early childhood Babies Your senses to explore and understand the world around you. This is crucial for early childhood development. This helps children use their senses as they explore by senses.

Learning by exploring is natural for children, of course, what makes sense when taking into account the skills they need to build an understanding of rooms, objects, people and interactions. Exactly this Montessori-Activity board For toddlers.

This is a sensory board that consists of buttons, buttons, switches and all sorts of other everyday things that awaken curiosity and exploration. They offer toddlers plenty of opportunity for crafting. It is a thoughtful kind of toys for babies. It's fun and is easy.

Here are the 5 main reasons why Activity boards best for toddlers are suitable:

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1. Build neuronal networks in the brain


Parents can face sense experiences as a game form quite repellent. They do not recognize the full potential of sensory activities. These things can have a great impact on the physical development of the brain of your Babies to have.


The brain of your baby is full of neurons. Learning the world by sensory game helps to develop ways between these neurons. The more sensory experiences your child makes, the stronger the networks that are developed. Paths can disappear if they are not used often. Sensory games helps build strong networks that help your child complex tasks Activity board to understand.

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2. Promotion of early childhood development


MontessoriActivity Board Promote the sensory game. The sensory game goes hand in hand with the development of the brain. This type of playing promotes early childhood development such as cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motorcyry, social interactions and problem solution skills.


This also promotes the physical development of the child. When you draw things, shapes, splash or shape, use different muscles to run these actions. When they play with other children, they already observe how other people deal with the things they play with.


They are already trying to find out how other children communicate and discover new ideas while playing. All these things promote social interaction and promote cognitive growth. It helps to improve the communication and language skills of your baby.

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3. Improves and strengthens the memory


It is important to make the importance of sensing in terms of brain development of your Babies to understand. His memory is improved by exercise. So let him practice and practice more. Let him interact with different textures, tastes and odors. Let it use his senses to strengthen and build his cognitive and motor memory.

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4. Soothes your little researcher


Sensory games can be very reassuring for children. Maybe you have noticed it - yours infant To give something interesting, would help to calm it. He is always interested in everything around him, especially when the texture is something he finds interesting.

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5. Teaches children sensory attributes

Every time your baby touches something wet, sticky, cold or another texture, it builds on its former understanding of textures and properties of objects. The Activity Board for toddlers Helps to recognize the brain, properties of things and sensations, and they are able to relate these things to similar objects that they have experienced before. The Montessori-Activity board Helps your child to verify different feelings, to highlight similarities and recognize opposites (such as wet and dry).

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A Montessori-Activity board Own the following elements:


  • Magnets: Keep nuts, bolts and screws with magnets in place.
  • Castles: Challenge your baby with castles. Add a few keys to make it a little harder.
  • Textures: Part of the advantage of an excellent Activity boards Are different textures. Add small items that would give your baby or toddler different textures.
  • transmission: Adding gears helps your toddler to understand how things work. He will have fun of turning wheels and different items into one and another direction. He will understand the relationship between gears on his busy board and gears on everyday objects.
  • Hoses: It's fun to take it into a busy board. Your baby will love to play with it.
  • screws and nuts: Let your baby tighten and loosen screws. If you plan to create a DIY busy board, you absolutely add this to your board. Her baby will have fun with tightening and loosening them.
  • Zippers: Babies love the noise and feeling of zippers. You can spend hours on zippers alone - you open and close and close again and again. Zippers are a great way to promote sensory exploration.
  • counter: Light switches will entertain their children for hours. He will turn it on and off again and again.
  • Whiteboard: Every creative hobbyist needs a place where he can collect and place his thoughts. A whiteboard can be easily wiped off after your toddler is ready.
  • Buttons and doors: Knobs are the perfect complement for a busy board. Your toddler will love to open and close it.
  • Fidget: It may not be necessary, but it's an excellent addition to every busy board.
  • Musical instruments: It can be a bit loud to have a musical instrument on a busy board. Other aircraft passengers may not like the noise in the middle of the night; However, it is an excellent addition to a busy board. It will entertain your toddler for hours.
  • Laces: This is a great way to practice the binding of shoes. Her toddler will have fun to learn how to bind laces.

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