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Today, many parents know the importance of developing children's fine motor skills.

Today, many parents know the importance of developing children's fine motor skills. From the first few months of life, they put babies' small objects in their pens and choose special educational toys for them. And it is right! On our site you will also find many useful recommendations on this topic and a wide range of toys for fine motor skills

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But when parents pay so much attention to fine motor skills, parents forget about gross motor skills! Great motor skills, that is, the movement of large body muscles, develop much earlier than small ones. On this basis, more complex fine motor movements are then superimposed. It is difficult to learn how to hold a spoon properly when the arm muscles are weak. We use these skills every day.

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What should be done to develop a child's gross motor skills? The first and easiest thing is morning exercise. Exercise helps a child control their body. Use the ball: you can roll, throw and catch it. Dancing, cycling, swimming - all of this helps to strengthen the muscles. Household chores will be useful: remove toys, water flowers.

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For the development of a child's gross motor skills, exercises mimicking the movements of an adult are well suited. In this way you can playfully develop reactions and learn to feel your body. Organize an obstacle course. Arrange several objects so that the child has to walk around them, jump over them, crawl under them and climb over them. This way you can combine the use of different motor skills in one game.

The greatest effect will be when you do some physical exercise. Take your child out for walks in the fresh air more often.

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On the BIM-BA.SHOP website, you can buy toys online that will definitely help develop your child's gross motor skills.

  1. Drying pool with balls is a wonderful baby toy that is useful for both fine and gross motor skills at the same time! When parents play in the pool at home with a child aged 1 and over, the tissue massage is performed in a fun way, which will make the body healthier, strengthen muscles and improve coordination. A large selection of these toys for children can be found in the section
  2. Children's rocking horse

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This wooden toy will become a stylish piece of furniture and will bring your child many happy moments! It will be an excellent gift for children . Rocking horses for children promote the development of the equilibrium apparatus, help to maintain balance, improve coordination and dexterity and strengthen gross motor skills. Riding a horse can also help calm your little one down when he's scared.

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Select the best version of this wooden toy for your child below

  1. The balance board is a special device for cerebellar stimulation. Exercises on such a simulator are compared to physiotherapy exercises. It is enough to practice 15-30 minutes a day to get the desired result. With the help of a balance board, the muscles are strengthened, posture is improved, movement coordination is developed and the figure is toned. We have this wonderful simulator in the article

activity cube wood

In the category you can choose an age- and type-appropriate toy and order it online.

The need for exercise is a natural need of a child. Sometimes parents just have to give the child a chance and they will come up with games and activities of their own!

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