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The first game lessons for newborns: what's the best and where can I get the best baby toys for newborns?

baby toys for newborns
Bearing a child is one of the most important events in family life

How many thoughts, worries and hopes the future mother has! How busy the future father is! Someone wants to create a magical world for the little person that is filled with warmth and cosiness. This is why it is important not only to buy the necessary things, but also the right toys. According to the famous Italian psychologist Maria Montessori, toys play a major role in child development from birth. The author said that the child develops independently when it is in a didactically prepared environment. In that case, what does a newborn baby need? How can one choose from among millions of children's goods those that encourage the child's developmental steps?

How are they, the child's first toys?

baby toys for newborns

The discovery of the world begins with the baby from birth. It had enough time to feel the warm and embracing hands of its mother, to taste the most delicious milk, to make its desires clear with screams, and to respond to light by closing its eyes. It was the baby's first meeting with the world. And there are still more to discover and learn!

What can a baby be concerned with? Of course, the baby rattle! It is not only an exciting toy, but also a learning tool. If you hold her steady, the baby will look at her carefully and long to get to know things. If you move them from side to side, the child learns to follow things with their eyes. The sound the rattle makes is also important. The baby searches for the source of the sound and moves his head. But these are just a few small examples of the benefits. When the child begins to grip the rattle, the next important phase begins. The baby demonstrates its interest in the world and develops its grasping instinct. At this moment the development of the fine motor skills begins, which all educators discuss. Start small to achieve something big.

The first game lessons for newborns The first game lessons for newborns The first game lessons for newborns

The baby learns to hold and shake the rattle, to hold it with one hand, then with the other, to 'taste' it. Because the baby cares - are my toys as tasty as breast milk?

baby toys for newborns
Another stuff for newborns is a mobile that consists of different hangers to discover

First, the baby focuses his eyes on these objects, looking at the colors and small parts to encourage attention and visual memory. When it becomes safer, the baby tries to grab the toys and use his hand to hold them. That is why the mobile with hanging toys is a wonderful thing for child development.

Made with a lot of love for your baby

How can parents choose the first and most important toys for their baby? The answer is very clear - parents need to provide a child-safe environment for their baby.

We know there are no small details when it comes to child safety. That is why our online shop offers offers a range of toys for newborns. The handmade rattles and mobiles are made of wood. Wood is warm and practical, so complicated toys can be made without harmful substances or glue. There are also many other advantages, for example they are absolutely hygienic, sustainable and superficially soft; have no toxic component. Dyed with water based paints that are safe to wash and leak.

“Smart toy” for newborns

baby toys for newborns

  Let yourself be inspired by our large selection of mobiles. At first glance it is understandable that every part is full of sun and the smell of the forest. The miracle animals, which are made from natural materials, hang together with the wooden figures.

baby toys for newborns
Imagine how many discoveries your baby will make, when he will finally grab the stars, clouds, birds!

The child admires every piece and gives the feeling of the soft and light materials. The baby wants to grab it, touch it, hold it. It is preoccupied with this discovery and also develops its fine motor skills.

Another unique thing for the little world explorer is a game simulator with hangers. In this way, the child trains vision, hearing, neck and back muscles and learns to grip the toy. Such a wonderful toy will help the baby develop well from birth. Later on, it will massage babies' gums well as their teeth grow. In addition, these toys are made of juniper. The scent of juniper has bactericidal and antiseptic properties, numbs gums as teeth grow in children, and soothes.

In other words, Montessori toys bring happiness and elation to children and parents. And thanks to our toys, parents can quietly drink tea and rest while the baby is entertaining itself. These toys are not dreams, they are reality because the toys in our shop are made for the happiest babies and children.

The first game lessons for newborns
The first game lessons for newborns
The first game lessons for newborns

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