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Smartphones and tablets have long been an integral part of our lives. With it we can always find the information we need, work remotely and even call people on the other side of the planet. That sounds super good and promising, but there are two sides to every coin and cell phones are no exception.
Educational toys for children Sooner or later you will understand that the cell phone has become part of the hand. Every time we dive into the digital world every free minute - unfortunately, too often! - just to kill time instead of answering an important letter or doing something useful. Adults recognize their addiction and therefore try to fight it. Instead of cell phones, they read books, play sports, and try to meet up with loved ones more often. Children, especially toddlers, have difficulty controlling this addiction. Parents' attempts to reduce their children's screen time often lead to tantrums in children.

Doesn't speak yet, but the cell phone switches on.

Korena S. Klimczak, the lead researcher at Old Dominion University, found that digital addiction to parents adds to their child's addiction. Parents may not notice that they are too often busy with a cell phone, and sometimes they completely forget about the child and pay no attention to him.

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For her research, Korena selected 355 parents of children aged 6 months to 5 years from the Southeastern academic pediatric hospital clinic. The parents filled out two scales: the smartphone dependency scale and the stress scale, as well as a questionnaire on the use of smartphones. Smartphone dependency was assessed using a yes / no question. According to the results of the study, a third of children between the ages of 12 and 17 months could easily switch on a cell phone, and more than half of the children of the same age regularly watch cartoons on their cell phones. According to parents' reports, 73% of children between 18 and 24 months can switch on their mobile phones and open apps.

Among parents who admit their digital addiction, more than half have a major problem stealing their child's cell phone. For parents who are not dependent, this number is 26%. 22% of parents with digital addiction recognize that their child uses a cell phone for more than 2 hours a day. For parents without addiction, this number is 4%. Professor Klimczak noted that long screen time had become the reason for the delay in the child's emotional and cognitive development.

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Korena also noted that behavior problems were more common among smartphone-dependent parents. These parents apply corporal punishment if the child refuses to give up the cell phone. Parents who are judged to be stressed according to the questionnaire, more often "discipline" their child by beating or screaming if the child misbehaves.

Professor Klimczak says that prior to this study, many adults did not realize their addiction or the addiction to their children, which is why she advises people to pay more attention to one another. If you find that your friends or their children use smartphones frequently, ask them an important question, such as, "I've noticed that your child uses devices a lot. How much time does they spend on them?" By asking similar questions, you can at least hint at their dependence.

The tablet is not the best toy

The devices are a bridge to another reality not only for adults but also for children. They are more interesting because they allow children to always watch cartoons, play their favorite games, look at glowing pictures and interesting animals such as dinosaurs. And outside of this reality, there are not so funny toys and no dinosaurs in front of the window. It is necessary to solve this problem everywhere, both in the parents and in the children, consequently they have to find an interesting activity that attracts both. Fortunately, modern educational toys are no worse than smartphones, better. Lots of interesting details, beautiful colors and security, both for the child and the parents and for the environment.

Such educational toys are a real rarity these days and are quite difficult to find in stores. It is much faster and more convenient to buy everything useful through the Internet. And our online shop Bim-ba.shop will help you with this, where you can find many wooden toys for children in different sizes, colors and for different age groups.

In order to promote the intelligence development of the child, the interaction of the right and left hemispheres must be built up, each of which is responsible for certain functions.

To improve and consolidate this connection, interhemispheric boards - educational toys for children , which look like more advanced and interesting mazes, are perfect. children's toys are educationally valuable

At the beginning of the maze it is necessary to insert sliders that the child moves first with one hand, then with the other hand, and finally with both hands. Mainly, speed is not the most important thing for play, although the child develops logic, memory, fine motor skills and coordination. You can spend 10-15 minutes playing such a game every day, and after a month you will see how much better your child is navigating space and perceiving the world as a whole.

An even more detailed toy that can keep both a child and an adult busy - MotorikHaus Maxi .

engine house

The MotorikHaus contains many small parts that have been collected and painted by hand. Like every other toy in our shop, it has its own characteristics, such as: B. it can be used as a night light, since the MotorikHaus is made with lighting. Its ground floor and upper floor can be opened and you can put the toys there. This greatly reduces the likelihood of toys being scattered around the house.

In such a house there are mazes, abacus, clocks, two games for memory development, wooden pieces for motor development , and many other interesting play pieces. Devices are undoubtedly a part of our lives, but we all need to learn how to spend more time offline learning about the world around us. It is especially important for children. Valuable educational toys are an excellent way for your children to explore the world. Your child will be happy with developing wooden toys and will also acquire all the skills that are required at their age.

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