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If there is one that is in our opinion in every family budget with children a must, then that's one Activity cube or Motor cube For children and babies. A Activity dice is a dice with different games for babies and toddlers. Each side of the cube has a different activity to play. Most Motorik throwsl have 6 pages.

The activities that get children depend on the dice they buy, but which they always choose for their baby or toddler, they can not do anything wrong. It will be busy and entertaining your baby for a long time. It helps with the Development of their coarse and fine motor skills (Depending on the activities that the dice offers), and babies feel simply dressed by these toys and enjoy it scary.

HAPE Motorik cubes big

What children and babies learn with Activity dice?


Activity dice for babies Is there in all forms (well, mostly cube-shaped, but also triangles, boards) and sizes. The idea is that you offer many different activities for your child in a compact toy, and generally almost no loose parts that could swallow a toddler, which may be the reason why you are so popular in the waiting room at medical practices.


Another reason why you Activity dice Perhaps in wait rooms and community rooms throughout the country are seeing that they offer enormously many development opportunities for their child. From birth, children are constantly learning something new, and about from the age of six months Toys become an important part of this learning process.


They learn that they can grab things and move. They get to know the cause and effect, for example if they shake a rattle, makes them a noise or when they drop their cup on the ground, Mama makes a noise. They learn about problem solving, hand-eye coordination, object resistance, they recognize shapes and learn colors and count.


A good Activity dice Can help with all these skills and more. You just have to make sure that you choose one that has enough complexity to entertain your child without being too complex to make it frustrated and loses interest before it masters the skills.

 Motorik Cube


Activity for babies


Lots Activity dice wooden are suitable for children from 1 year, But there are also some that make for even smaller babies great. As soon as your child can sit without help, it usually also has an interest in gripping toys and playing with it, and has a degree of coordination. You can take food into your mouth and start to find out some of the basic elements of an activity cubes.


Soft cubes are great at this age, as they are easy and easy to keep and still offer many different sensory activities and experiences.

 Motoric cube made of wood

Wood Activity Dice for toddlers


From about 18 months, the little ones really start to develop their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, which is a great age for Activity dice and Activity boards makes.


You know your child best, so try to choose something that corresponds to its state of development. For example, if you can count until 5, select one with higher numbers, and when you start learning letters, select one with the alphabet.


Lock boxes also have fun and are an absolute must for the training of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and the skill.

Motoric cube made of wood

What benefits does the Motor dice long-term?


Activity dice for children from 12 months are a great investment that helps your child, his Fine motor skills to improve. While moving and modifying the different parts, how to open doors and push beads along a rail, learn how to hold smaller objects and how their physical actions influence the world around them.


Activity dice Can also be used as a learning tool when you make your child, explain colors, animals, numbers, letters, and more.


Since most dice are made of wood and thus quite durable and benefit your child in a variety of ways are Motor dice A great investment that can be passed on in the future.

 Motorik Cube

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