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Choosing a suitable gift is a responsible decision, especially if it is a gift for children . In this case, the gift should not only please the baby, but also the parents. We want such a gift that everyone would love to receive. Each of us has faced this problem. What original gift ideas are there? Which toys will not gather dust in the corner without being noticed?
 The child will be happy about any gift, even a small piece. But his parents want such a gift for their child that would be useful and necessary. Not an easy task!

Gift for children

In the modern world there are almost no restrictions on the choice of gifts. There are a thousand variants for every budget. But how can you avoid mistakes?

Let's take a look at the trends. Educational toys still remain popular gift ideas thanks to their fairly large reach and the following obvious advantages:

  • Developmental toys and fine motor skills are an integral part of a child's overall development.
  • The child's motor development contributes to language development.
  • Such toys are often made from environmentally friendly materials, that is, they are high quality wooden toys.
  • Sensory toys comprehensively promote the perception of the environment.
  • A motor skills house follows the 'all-in-one' principle and can keep a child busy for a long time.

We would like to introduce you to a few variants that have become favorite toys in our

A double-sided motor skills board with a chalk board took first place in our ranking list .

busyboard and motor skills board

Why is this educational toy so popular? The explanation is very simple! It can easily be used for different ages of children. The motor skills board can be placed horizontally on a table or on the floor. If you have more space, the motor board can be spread out and securely attached with side brackets. Its small development parts are designed in such a way that they remain interesting for children between the ages of 8 months and 4 years.

With motor skills toys the toddler learns colors and textures, while an older child can look at and use mechanisms and learn new skills that will be useful every day in the future.

motorized board

If you think we have already published all the benefits, you are wrong! We will inspire you even more! The second side of the motor toy is a drawing board. Your child's creativity starts here! Your little artist will get a wonderful canvas to paint on and you can appreciate how easy the chalk markers can be removed from the surface! A few movements with wet wipes - and now the cleaned motor skills board is waiting for your child's new masterpieces!

motorized board

Another advantage of this gift is its mobility! It's very compact and easy to take with you when you travel or hide it in a box at home!

Another great gift for children is our MotorikHaus Colorful Giraffe !

busyhouse-und-motorikhaus This is one of the most functional motor houses ! With each small part, the child improves the following skills: logical thinking, color perception and sensory perception . A great giraffe on the front will delight children up to 5 years! Even an older child will love to play with it, because the colored small parts of the motor skills house allow the child to create various detailed role-plays, which are very important for the development of cognitive abilities, especially creativity!

Motor skills houses

Unfortunately, there is a problem: if the child receives this gift at the beginning of the festive event, all his attention will not be focused on the guests, but on the new toy!

In the third, but no less important, place is a sensory motor skills cube with a projector, lighting and music .

busycube-and-motor skills cube One can replace 30 toys! One can only dream of such a gift for children! And we do everything to make this dream come true! Our motor skills cube has more than 50 small parts for comprehensive child development .

If you show your child all the possibilities of this interactive wooden cube , they can imitate them and later learn with it themselves! Every time your toddler engages with this motor skills toy , they will discover new skills and abilities!

At our you can buy other gifts for children that will satisfy both children and their parents. It is impossible that these gifts weren't the right choice - they are always desirable:

    There is a useful and interesting gift for every taste that you can choose and thus please your child.

    You can also buy a gift voucher for your friends on our website so that they can choose something for their children themselves!

    We look forward to your order!

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