Baby toy for newborns

At what age do babies give their attention mobile?

Pretty colors, soothing shapes and development - what is not there to love? Baby furniture made of wood Make a sweet impression and awaken joy in babies and parents alike. It may seem like newborns in the first months of life would not do much except food and sleep - but they actively learn all about the world around themselves by using their five senses. They already train these senses every time they and their baby interact, but certain toys have just been developed to give their baby an extra thrust.

Baby toy for newborns


Mobile for babies Rain to focus and to grab for interesting objects. Have one in the cradle for too long, and your little one could just catch it! If the baby gets five months old or as soon as it starts to push up on hands and knees, it is also possible to grab the mobile. If your growing baby manages to achieve it, it could draw down and risk injury and even strangulation.

You can not bear the idea, this beautiful Baby furniture made of wood To banish in the closet? Why not just think about it to hang it elsewhere? Try to assemble it on the ceiling over your favorite cuddle course or hang it over the changing table to deflect your little wobble monster in the difficult diaper change. Just make sure it except range and farther from the Cot remains.

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Is a Mobile for babies necessary?

Mobiles are not just a fun design touch for the nursery - they can also be beneficial for the baby themselves. In the first months of life, babies are attracted to strong and high-contrast colors, which makes mobile ideal for their visual development.

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types of Mobile for babies

Mobiles are available in three basic types: they can be found on the side grinding of their Babybed Attach, attach the car seat or stroller to your baby or dangle from the ceiling. While pretty pastel-colored mobiles could attract their attention, babies prefer about black and white in the first six weeks, followed by other glowing colors. Strong designs with sharp contrasts pull the attention of babies best. Many are equipped with musical function to stimulate the hearing of their baby while some have projected lights to calm the baby at night.

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Are Mobile on the baby cot Good for newborns?

The fact is that one Baby mobil A great decoration is and your details and colors enriched the life of parents and toddlers - everyone knows that babies can calm down through slow mobile and can be maintained by active and musical mobile. But did you know that these Baby cot mobile also help with physical development, muscle strengthening and brain development?


A Nursery mobile Not only is the decoration and entertainment, but also plays an important role in the physical and mental development of a baby.


Not all babies are reacting right on mobile. Some will be fascinated by the suspended toys and colors, while others are looking for interesting objects in their rooms. A mobile Can be done on the side of a Quaint or changing table. If you find that the diaper change is the unpopular daily time of your baby, the distraction can help with a mobile two to survive these few unpleasant moments. Baby Can provide a child a promotion in the following areas:

Strengthening eye muscles


The simple action of the eyes of your baby, which helps the movements of a moving mobile, helps to strengthen the muscles that control this eye movement, and helps these muscles to develop properly.

 Baby toy for newborns

Improved holding control of the head


If your baby gains more captive control of the head, it starts, the movements of a Wood mobile to follow by turning or raising his head. The muscles that control the head movement are further strengthened by these actions.

Hand-eyed coordination


About the age of 3 months will start your baby, with small hands after the Baby mobil to grab and learn that it can control where these hands go. In the meantime, the eyesight of your baby has improved so far that it can follow the moving objects in a mobile, and it will enjoy it to grab the mobile and then beat.


Spatial consciousness


Gripping after the mobile helps to understand the eyes of their baby, the depth and the brain to understand the distance to understand what helps in the development of spatial consciousness. Using a mobile that attracts the attention of your baby, contributes so much more to its development than you think.

 Baby toy for newborns


Mobile security tips

These safety tips may not be so important if you bring your wonneproppen home for the first time, but when he grows and starts to pull yourself up, you will be useful for the safety of your child:

Make sure, that Baby are securely fastened


It may seem easy enough BabyMobil at the side of a child bed Set up, but make sure it is firmly attached. If it falls on a baby, there is a risk of strangulation and suffocation.

Choose mobile phones with short laces


If you are a brand new today Baby mobil Buy, especially in countries with stringent standards for children's toys, the likelihood is great that the cords that keep the mobile toy are sufficiently short to represent a risk of strangulation. However, if you shop in antique or vintage shops or websites, it is possible that older mobiles contain too long strings.

Baby toy newborn

Baby Check for loose parts


Carefully pull the toys of a mobile to ensure that they are well attached. You do not want items from Baby mobil fall and represent a risk of suffocation.


Besides, it's best if a child can put up or pull up Mobile from the bed gain weight. Babies are often stronger than they think and can pull up themselves and tug toys from mobile.


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 Baby toy for newborns

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