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We have already said that no excessive variety develops a child, but the child on the contrary tired and annoyed. A big amount of Toys Do not allow the development of creative skills. That's how the value goes Toy Fast lost, the attention is scattered and restlessness introduces itself. The common time with the parents, the common creativity and communication with equalists bring more advantages and emotions than another new doll or a new car.

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An interesting experiment was carried out in Germany. The children were all their usual for three months Toyswithdrawn. First, the children bored, but soon they started to fantasize. They started to play with no less enthusiasm with the objects around them. In addition, the number of personal contacts between children has increased sharply.

The above defects do not mean that they all Toys have to exclude from the life of a child. Catherine fine, child psychologist with 15 years of experience, believes that a small number of high quality, more interesting Educational children's toys Part of the overall development of the baby. Especially if you donate warmth and caring. We are used to trust your opinion. Katrin has a Fachhochschulreife (FSP) and experience in state, commercial and charitable organizations.

Such goods are available in the For example a wooden craneWith rotatable cabin. Such toy Will make the game process slightly varied and convey new experiences and emotions.

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Also pay attention to the multifunctional Busyboard

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It is an indispensable thing for the development of a child. Feel, touching the elements on the board, develops the Fine motor skillsNeuronal connections are made, the environment is known by the world of sensations.

Wooden toysare ideal for small children. It is safe, environmentally friendly and durable. It is important that you are not overloaded with functions: they do not make noises, do not light up, do not move. This allows the child to invent themselves and do not act according to the suggested scenario.

Even very small children need an inconspicuous development. Wooden rattles, mobile, calm music complexes will brighten the minutes of the guards.

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A wooden mobile in soft colors The quiet rocking of the movable figures forms the vision of the child.

Useful Toys Wake the interest in the outside world, outdoors, self-employed. Through them learn children colors, shapes, sizes, animals, professions. It is important to develop, do not entertain.

This set is ideal for that. The child himself or together with his parents dives into the world of new sensations and emotions.

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Our entire team deals with children and their environment with special care. Our girlfriend and expert Kathryn Feiner notes that a small number of high quality Toys contribute to the development of mental and physical skills. All children's products of are approved by it. You can be sure that you are verified, safe and really useful.

Without Toys Children never lived. So it was at all times. We stand for quality, not quantity! Remember that valuable time you spend with your child will replace mountains of unnecessary purchases. And the Online Toyshade Helps you to diversify your activities with your child.


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