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Play is the main activity of a child. The possession of the toys and playing with the toys is equally important for a baby as well as for his parents, a workplace, adequate income and social recognition.

The girl shows interest in the role of mother and begins to take care of her doll: feed, wash, put on, bring to bed, go for a walk. This game is important for The sensory development of the child.

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In the game, the baby learns care, creativity, etiquette and develops its taste. Parent Encourage self-employment of their children.

The doll is an excellent Educational toys. It is perceived by the child as a living being. Therefore, react sensibly to it, so a separate corner in the room is given for you and add furniture and other items there. Finally, his beloved girlfriend needs a place to sleep, eat and keep her clothes.

It is time to diversify the game requirements: Doll furniture And add other important details.

Furniture for dogs

The choice of a piece of furniture for a favorite doll is a process that allows for a child to enjoy its importance in the family, to let his imagination run wild and exercise his taste. What should it be respected?


  1. Environmental friendliness of the substance, from its processing and coating. For the production of Doll furniture A real manufacturer must use natural and non-toxic substances. Educational toys made of wood are the right solution.
  2. Building security. Doll furniture for children must have a smooth surface and a regular shape.
  3. Practical and reliable. The product should not be too fragile. It's good if it has a density, waterproof and easy to clean coating.


Every doll piece plays an important role. With the help of a wardrobe, a baby learns, for example, carefully deal with things. When playing with dolls is one Toy table necessary. The doll bed has a special mission. After a baby has put his doll in bed, it is easier for a little mother to accept that the time has already come to beat.

In the online shop Bim-ba.shop you can modern patterns of Puppet furniture pieces shopping. They fulfill all safety and environmental requirements.

Dresser - Changing table for dolls

Motorik Wooden Toys Motor Toy Baby 3 Months Baby Motor Cube

This piece of furniture brings the game to the next step! This Wooden toy is painted with hypoallergenic colors. The girls will definitely like the colors and functionality. It even contains a mattress and pillows!

Furniture complex for dolls

Motorik Wooden Toys Motor Toy Baby 3 Months Baby Motor Cube

This multifunctional game complex helps the Fine motor skills to develop hands and feel like a caring mother. It contains a wardrobe, a puppet commode and a doll chair. The imagination of a child will enable him many happy hours with this furniture set. This set is an ideal Gift for a girl from 2 years.


Modern girls are educated by mothers who have communicated in their childhood with peculiarities, spent a lot of time in the fresh air, with their dolls and others Toys have played. Help your girl in the game! We know that you can make it more and more interesting.


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