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The secret of our sensory homes has been revealed!
Now let's explore the world safely!

 Surely you have often seen the word "Montessori" in the names of our houses.

"What does that mean?" - you thought. Today we will show all cards.


 Maria Montessori is an Italian doctor who developed a unique method of raising children according to the principle: "Help me to do it myself." The child must be given freedom - freedom to act, to feel, to think. Our smart houses are key in education by this method. They develop motor skills, thinking, they help to see the world better and to speak even faster. Soft and safe development of the baby - the key to his good mood and peace of mind of parents.

How does this happen?


 In the brain, the centers responsible for the development of speech and finger movement are very close to each other. So when the child plays with small objects, not only the motor skills are stimulated, but also the language center is activated.

 And these centers need to be exercised daily for the baby's brain to function properly. Particular attention should be paid to these processes up to 3 years of the child! Learning toys like our Busyhouses help with this. As your child plays with it, different areas of their brain will light up, like lightbulbs. Depending on what the child is doing: touching objects, scrolling, pressing, or pasting - these activities form new neural connections. As your child plays with them, different areas of their brain light up, like lightbulbs. Depending on what the child is doing: touching objects, scrolling, pressing or pasting - these activities form new neural connections.

Our bestseller - Busyhouse with lighting Active child - educational toy Montessori

 The development zones include:

▪ 4 doors with five locks, to open them the babies have to activate their thinking.

▪ Clock with clock hands - they can be rotated while learning the time.

▪ Bell with sound - develops hearing.

 Rotating flashcards with numbers - they develop math skills, motor skills, color learning.

Development of motor skills and fine motor skills. Motor skills in babies and motor skills in children online shop

 Massager – this is how we develop tactile feelings. Because there's a whole universe in your baby's hands!

 Lacing, zippers, pockets - they help develop memory and coordination and prepare the child for the ability to dress themselves. And parents' clothes will be safe now because Mom's earrings and Dad's buttons on shirt won't be so interesting anymore!

 The roof with backpacks contains the game "Memorization". Below the first cog on this face are different items of clothing, and below the second are the colors. The child's task, while the hourglass remains active (at 5, 10, etc.), is to find the objects or colors that are in the task under the backpacks.

motor skills house

 The system of three gears with beads, animals and a maze with the 4th additional gear will delight the baby very much. Geobord for creating different schemes and emotions makes the game comprehensive, and the child learns to work with elements of different shapes and sizes.


 The house has a whole lighting system that works from the remote control on one of the sides of the house. You can choose different modes from constant to blinking. The child can choose the color of the lighting by pressing the desired shade on the remote control, there are 16 shades possible!!! Colors from white to colorful tones.


These and many other elements will replace more than 22 toys for your child and will be a faithful helper in his development!

The most important rule for us is to make your child's life safe and happy!

Our products are made from ecological materials, so they do not cause allergies! Special assembly technology will not harm your child while playing!

On our website Bim-ba.Shop you can buy Sensory BusyHouses, BusyBoards, BusyCubes choose for every taste and age!




Die Montessori-Entwicklungsschule hat mir immer gefallen! Als Lehrerin war sie immer an dieser Arbeit interessiert. Ich versuche auch, meine Kinder mit dieser Methode zu entwickeln. Nicht alle Spielzeuge können zu Hause gekauft werden, aber jetzt können sie bei Ihnen gekauft werden, einfach großartig.



Toller Artikel. Dies ist eine völlig neue Perspektive für mich auf die Erziehung und Entwicklung eines Babys, aber es hat mir gefallen.

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