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Motor skirt are an absolute favorite of pediatricians and teachers. Many say they are the funniest and educational toy on today's market.

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Motor clamps, or also called pearl labyrinth, were for Children from 18 months to 5 Years Developed and are a three-dimensional manipulative experience in the perceptual, motor and voice range. Development and learning capabilities are playfully called "challenged". In this article you will learn the same for which age group exactly the motor skirt is thought.


1) Eye Hand Coordination

Encourage the child who big motor skirt to move from one end to another and follow the ways of wires. Start with the least complex wire (for example blue). According to colors, the wires become increasingly complex in their bends and turns, and thus promote eye-hand coordination.


2) Visual perception

Leave the child the movement of pearls in the Wood motor skirt pursue with your eyes. Vary the type of movements: fast, slow, high, down and backwards.


3) imaginative game

the Motoric loop for babies Invites for imaginative games. In the imagination of a child, the beads turn into cars, trains, aircraft and rocket ships. Role players are crucial for the development of the imagination.


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4) Language development

Ask the child to tell a story in words and tones while with the Wood motor skirt Play. Help with extending the vocabulary.


5) Color and FORMISSION

Ask the child to identify the primary colors. Assign him / her to the red, blue, green beads On the wood motor skirt etc. to show. Ask color beads on the different wires. Increase the difficulty for children from 2-3 years by asking to identify different shapes in combination with different colors

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6) Grouping

Assign the child to make a pattern that has two (2) groups of three (3) beads, one (1) group of five (5) beads, two (2) groups of four (4) beads, etc. . Children always find fun.


7) Problem solving

Ask the child, three (3) beads on the longest wire, two (2) beads on the shortest wire etc. There are numerous possibilities in terms of colors, groups, shapes, length and direction, which is a solution to the problem On a big motor skirt enable. Give instructions to "crack" the problem.

 Educational Toy Motoric Development In Children Busy Toys Sensory Toy Toys Everything In One

8) Direction change and spatial relationships

Demonstrate concepts like over, below, left, right, up and down. the Motoric loop for children from 1 year Allows you to develop difficult concepts right in front of the eyes of a child.


9) Understand numbers / math

Motoric loop with numbers. Exercise: Stack several beads with your child on a wire. Let children count beads. Next, add pearls individually or remove them. Ask the child after every movement, how many are now on the stack or how many are left. Vary the number of added or peeled beads. Let the child feel the beads when they are placed on the pile or taken from it. Demonstrate the basics, eg. B. 1 + 1 = 2; 2-1 = 1. Remember that the Motor skirt For children from 12 months like a computing board works!


Motorik Development in Children Busy Toys Sensory Toy Toys Everything in a Toy for Kids Parents Help the development of children


10) Memory activities

Create a pattern of pearls and ask the child to remember the pattern. Remove the pattern and ask the child to repeat or replace the pattern. This improves visual memory and ensures a charming game. Other memory activities include that the child closes his eyes after studying the patterns, and then opening his eyes after the teacher / parent has changed the pattern, and then the child can seek the changes.

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11) Writing skills

The configuration of the wires is designed so that the movement of the beads along the path supports the development of finger and wrist skill. Such flowing and curved movements are a prerequisite for the development of basic writing skills.

So if you are looking for wire and pearls, we have a wide selection in our pearl labyrinth at BIM-BA and Baby Motoric Grinding Toy Collection from 12 months. We hope that you can benefit from this article and can apply the information during your game, spend time with the children - and use that.


We strongly support the use of wire and Motor skirt-Plays In learning and wait rooms For small children from 1 year. The need to develop the fine motorcade on a natural, playful way is crucial for physical and emotional well-being of our children.

  Motorik Toy 3 years Motor Toy Children Motorik Toys Motor Toys from 3 years Motor Toys 1 year Wood Motor Toys 5 years

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