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Toys as a development tool for the child researcher

A child's loyal companion and the most important piece of play equipment is a baby toy. From the first months of life, it has a special place in children's lives. For example, from birth, various objects are hung over babies' beds. The role of such toys is to stimulate a child's sensory development and attract their attention with shape, color, and sound. They arouse curiosity, stimulate the first manifestations of the baby's exploratory activity.

The website BIM-BA.SHOP presents a large selection of wooden mobiles that are a wonderful gift for a child from the first days of life.

An ideal toy should:

  • Develop fine motor skills , cognitive skills and imagination;
  • help to get used to the adult world;
  • to develop in the child a love for work, curiosity, observation;
  • educate the child's artistic taste;
  • encourage them to be creative.

One often sees the following situation: a child throws a rattle and observes what effect it has. He is interested in how it will fall, what noise it will make, how adults will behave in this case. The child often puts toys in his mouth. This is all exploratory interaction with toys.

Attentive educators and parents know that an expensive new toy from the store often attracts less attention than simple pebbles, wooden blocks, or an empty bag. This is no coincidence: a child is by nature a researcher.

The finished toy is made by professionals and will appear beautiful and fun to adults. But it has two disadvantages:

  1. it is quickly explored by the child and loses interest;

2. Such a toy has little to do with the real world around it and the child wants to play with a real object from the adult world

In order to arouse the greatest interest, the children are not offered ready-made toys, but sets of parts. You can assemble a toy from it yourself. You can make something new and unusual out of it. For example the magnetic wooden construction kit. This is no ordinary static wooden toy , here the child creates cute figures from the details!

Another interesting example of a useful toy for a child is a colorful wooden train! . From the age of 18 months, a child can play independently with colored blocks and create a train that can be used in different scenarios of the game.

By playing with a doll or a toy animal, the child learns to receive and control emotions. A doll or stuffed animal acts as an ideal friend who understands everything and does not remember evil.

A great option for a toy that your child can use to develop research skills is a business board! The main difference between these educational toys is that the child interacts with simple household items, including their imagination to the maximum!

Motor skills cube wooden motor skills cube large hape motor skills cube large motor skills cube 1 year

Another important aspect when playing with the touchboard are all the skills that a child needs in everyday life. These are simple actions that a person uses every day! We only give you the opportunity to learn them through play!

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There is a huge selection of wooden motor skills toys on our site! This is the most popular baby product that can be bought online at Campers, business cards, a cube for motor skills - choose the best option for yourself, and the child will be such an interesting and unusual gift!

A toy is not just an object to play with with a child! Toys develop specific skills and imaginations, teach children to communicate with the world. And we adults have to help them!

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