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New Year's Eve is impossible to imagine New Year's gifts. And choosing gifts is tedious

New Year's Eve is impossible to imagine New Year's gifts. And choosing gifts is tedious. To give a real miracle and magic, we offer you an overview of the best ideas for New Year gifts for girls from 3 to 5 years. Girls this age are real princesses. They love beautiful clothes, light ones toys, interesting books.

wooden baby toys wooden baby toys gifts for children

  1. Dolls and doll furniture. This is a traditional gift that a little princess will happily accept from mom and dad. There are several options for selling dolls: Barbie, MOXIE, MONSTER HIGH and others. Even more options for houses, clothes and furniture for her. On the BIM-BA.SHOP website you will find wonderful possibilities for doll furniture and accessories. For example a Doll Furniture Set: armchair-wardrobe-chest of drawers . This set is great for role-playing as a daughter-mother. Such games allow the child to: show imagination and accuracy, master the concepts of responsibility and care, the fine motor skills of the hands and to feel like a caring mother.

wooden baby toys wooden baby toys gifts for children

2. A play tent or house is a great New Year's gift. A daughter will be enthusiastic about dolls and her rooms toys set up. You can play with the house both inside and outside. We offer the purchase of the children's tipi tent. This handmade Tent offers the girl a variety of game scenarios. It is suitable for active, quiet games and even for a nap!

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  1. Toy musical instrument - piano, guitar, harmonica, whistle, xylophone, microphone. The gift is especially good if the girl is interested in music and singing. We have a wooden xylophone for children. Musical instruments stimulate the development of fine motor skills and language, develop an ear for music. In addition, this toy promotes memory development.

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  1. Board games for children 3-5 years, including: puzzles, games with gears, board balance sets, "jenga", dominoes and other games suitable for a girl's age and interests. For example cloak educational game for kids. This wooden game for the whole family helps you have a great time without your cell phone or TV. Try it!wooden toy
  1. Kinetic sand. It is designed for children's creativity, it is comfortable to the touch, does not stain clothes and hands, and you can easily sculpt various shapes from it. A great option is Kinetic Sand, Purple 2 kg. It encourages fine motor skills and joint mobility, arm muscle development and creative growth.

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Whatever gift you choose for your daughter, try to make her new year happy and joyful. May it have a lot of surprises, surprises, laughter and positive emotions on the New Year's days. And remember that it is better to have one in advance gift for your girl to think.

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