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The selection of a gift is often no easy task. What can we say to the cases where a gift is not needed by an adult, but by a small child. It is important to take into account the age, the hobbies and the wishes of the baby, only in this case the gift will be happy. From the third year, the boy already has a character, his preferences and interests become clearer. If you need advice, we offer the best Gifts for boys at the age of 3-5 years.

Motorik Cube Motorikube Wood Groß Hape Motorikube Big Motorikube 1 year

  1. A learning toy - Busyboard.

A busyboard is a board on which there are different elements that play the child and the Fine motor skillscan develop. This Wooden toys is based on Montessori technology. All parts of the bodyboard can be opened, closed, switched on and off, pulled, rotated, etc. At the same time, some of the elements can emit different sounds, blink and light up. offers an excellent Gift option for a 3-year-old boy - Busyboard bus.

Motorik Cube Motorikube Wood Groß Hape Motorikube Big Motorikube 1 year

  1. An orthopedic mat is one toy To strengthen the health of a boy.

Health is important in every age. In childhood, the basics are laid for a strong body. This applies in particular to the future of a man. We have in our assortment the footballers orthopedic puzzle mat. This is a sports constructor transformer. . This gift helps with the prevention of flat feet as well as the development of Fine motor skills, Movement coordination and tactile perception. The carpets are suitable for outdoor and indoor games.

Motorikbord Wood Motoric Board Motorik Woodbord

  1. A set of blocks for construction.

Many boys love to build buildings, houses, locks. Give them this opportunity! We recommend multicolored Wooden building blocks in the bucket - 100 pieces. Your child will love to play with colorful details from sustainable wood.

Motorikbord Wood Motoric Board Motorik Woodbord

  1. Balance board.

If your active boy calm down, make a break, focus and sort his thoughts, helping a balance board. This natural Handicraft is produced under the participation of child orthodone stores and psychologists. There is nothing better than this gift for the first serious, but entertaining exercises to control child body!

Kids playing carpet for kids carpet child

  1. Table football for children.

Which boy would refuse such a gift?! This exciting, playing, dynamic board game is a great Gift for a boy from 5 years. Development of Fine motor skills in both hands, reaction, victory will: with this toy That's very easy!

Kids playing carpet for kids carpet child

To be liked to be your gift, pay attention to the character and the interests of the child. Each occasion is your attention and love the best gift for a boy. Organize a real vacation for the children and they themselves become an unforgettable experience!

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