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The Kids mobilewhich hangs above the cot is an integral part of every dreamNurserybut like nests, pillows and ceilings for children's beds, there are many discussions about whether Kids mobile Because are really safe.

the Aap And other organizations are clearly choosing bumpers and other objects in the crib of a little baby. Is this Kids mobile Then the next thing that is removed in the transformation of the crib? Or is it one of the few secure remnants from the cozy nursery?

There are two main ideas about it, Kids mobile to have in cots and what they bring to sleep of their baby. Both ideas blade plausible, and both were designed to work on a target that is very important to them - babies to encourage you to sleep. Unfortunately, these two coatings argue pretty much - a golden center is obviously not here.

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Two opinions on Kids mobile

Fans of Kids mobile Argue that they have babies talking if they wake up at night, which means they are ready to wait patient on the parents, if they need a little longer to get to them.


The theory states that if you do not wake up for feeding or diaper change, but because you just woke up, so that you could be distracted so that you can not call it after you at all and just fall asleep again at all.

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On the other hand speaks against the Kids mobilethat it can convert the associations of babies with their beds of sleeping places to play playgrounds, which could make it difficult for you asleep. In the end it can be a question of the personality of the baby, whether one Kids mobile Helps for the crib while sleeping or hurts.

In any case, in the first few months (as long as the mobile is securely attached to the cradle or ceiling, so that it does not fall into the cot and the hangers are not longer than 17 cm) no danger - apart from the danger for their sleep rhythm . Babies can do that Kids mobile So much like you do not want to fall asleep if the mobile is within reach!

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The development result of children by one Kids mobile

The only point to which the Mobileé for children represents a security risk, if the baby is about 5 months old or when it starts to set up. This is the time when it is almost capable of gripping to things or to set up.

Even if babies are not yet so developed, it is a good idea in the fourth month Mobileé for children always to move something more. In the end, the baby will be movable enough to approach the Mobilé more and more!

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When should you do that Kids mobile Remove from the bed of the baby?

If your baby starts to push on his hands and knees (usually at the age of about 4 to 5 months), it's time to get rid of the Mobilé - it could reach it and that's dangerous. "Toddlers became due to the threads Crib Mobilities Throttled, "says Mark A. Brandenburg, practicing ambulance at the trauma Emergency Center (TEC) of St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and author of Child Safe: A Practical Guide to prevent childhood injury.


Even before her baby can support, make sure all kinds of Kids mobile Or overhead toys that attach them to the bed, are outside the range of your child and securely attached so it can not fall down.

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Therefore, avoid Mobilés for children with small parts that are easy to solve - they represent a direct suffocation. And never let cords and threads of one Mobileé for children Dangle in the bed of your baby.

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