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How many toys does a child need? Few will be able to answer this question clearly. You need so many gifts to be happy.

A toy is an object that is intended to play. But do not forget that toys serve the child's spiritual, moral, aesthetic and physical education. The toy helps the child to get to know his environment.

The main task of the parents is not only to provide the necessary care and development conditions, but also to diversify the baby's leisure time and to help him acquire the skills and knowledge required for adulthood.

Motoric development in children

Why do children need toys?

Children's toys are necessary for every child because playing the baby gets to know the world. If you want to raise a genius or just a good person - then qualitative and varied toys are the right thing.

Toys ...

  • Promote the imagination;
  • promotes lively activity;
  • helps to simulate scenes from the "adult life";
  • combine children of the same age and thereby provide positive added value for the social development of the child;
  • to teach;
  • Parent toys help parents to teach their child colors, letters and numbers. From the first toys, the baby gets the first knowledge of the world in which it lives;
  • Develop the fine motor skills.


You can list many more things. But note that we only talk about useful toys here.

I think many will agree with me in the above and draw conclusions about whether children actually need toys.

Toys everything in one

Which toys should you buy children?

For example, a child under one year is recommended to buy a special ceiling for development. After a year, when the baby takes its first steps, various wheelchairs and walking lagers become invaluable helpers.

A child between the ages of one to three years needs funny pyramids and all kinds of insert frames for development - they perfectly develop the large motor skills and the logical thinking of the baby. Pyramids and cubes help to train the child's logical thinking and introduce the concepts of the shape and size of objects. From the age of two, a baby can be familiarized with such a wonderful toy as a puzzle.

Of course, you should be easy, with a small number of elements and a sufficiently large and clear picture. Collecting Puzzles is a perfect attention, logical thinking and fine motor skills.

After three years, the baby toys can be offered, which ensures much greater use variability - for example by designers. Logic board games will be extremely useful. Insiders are still effective, although their shape should be more complex.

The characteristics of the selection of educational toys for children between the ages of 5 and 7 are determined by the need to prepare the child as effectively as possible for school.

With the help of all of these educational toys, the child's intellect takes shape aged 5 to 6: rattles, cups, transformers, xylophone, trolleys and knockers. When playing, children learn both logic and abstract thinking and the ability to relate to the outside world, as well as count, read, write and draw.

Motor ceremony 3 years

Children need many toys

The following situation is in many families: The whole house is littered with dolls, cars, dice, and the child is still bored and wants new ones. The parents follow the child's example and buy what it wants, "so as not to bother it". This is basically the wrong strategy.

The lack of toys is not as bad as your abundance, because if a toy is not enough for the game, it stimulates the child's imagination, the child replaces the toy with improvised objects (homemade products, boxes, cords). Let us find out how many toys a child needs.

At the age of 2-3 months, the child begins to concentrate on bright objects, so several multicolored rattles or figures are required at this time. They are hung over the bed so that they are in front of the child's eyes, two are enough.

Babies begin to crawl at the age of 5-6 months. You can safely buy a special play mat or put toys with noises in front of the baby so that it has an incentive to crawl on it. I sewed the carpet for the baby myself, you can see here.

The child takes the first steps closer to the year. As a rule, children of this age love toys that make animal noises. You need wheelchairs, sliding cars, strollers for girls.

As you noticed, the child shouldn't buy many toys. They simply become unnecessary for him and the child loses interest in them.

Toys for children


-If the child has a lot of toys, hide some of them for 1-3 weeks and leave 2-4 parts left. If the baby suddenly notices the loss of a teddy bear or a car, that's okay, you can search for a toy with the baby and of course find it! Here will be joy! The main thing is to do it unnoticed by him so that the child does not beg for a constant toy change.

- ask family and friends not to give the child to the child. Say that you all have to hide and even throw away. It should work. Alternatively, offer to give your child good books.

- In addition to cars and dolls, the child should have toys for walking, relaxing in the country, swimming, playing on the water and in the sand. In addition, every child should have sets for role-playing games regardless of gender (shopping, hospital, travel, daughter mothers).

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