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Children's tepees and houses

Everyone needs personal space to feel good mentally. And we don't just talk about our own territory, but also about thoughts, feelings and experiences. A harmonious structure of the personality is impossible without a physical or psychological corner that belongs only to the child, to which there is no access for others.

Teepee tent for kids, kids play tent,

Psychologists divide personal space into:

- physical - this is the territory in the house, in the apartment, in things and objects;

- psychological - personal life, emotions, experiences, desires, needs.

This question is often overlooked in children. Many parents think that since they are responsible for the child, they have the right to control and know everything about them, from actions to secret thoughts. At the same time, parents want the baby to grow up independently and responsibly.

In order to develop a self-confident and cosmopolitan personality, a child must be given freedom and respect for their personal space in every respect.

Teepee tent for kids, kids play tent,

The presence of personal space indicates a high level of trust between family members. A child is less nervous and communicates more calmly with elders when they know that their parents respect their property. The child should have their own space in which they can make the rules themselves. A comfortable environment is very important for children's development. If it is not possible to give the child a separate room, then you should think about zoning and give him a separate corner in the apartment.

A child who does not have the opportunity to withdraw and isolate themselves from other people's noise becomes an adult who is unaware of their needs and wants.

Teepee tent for kids, kids play tent,

Parents should show respect for personal space and the space of others through their own example:

- always knock before entering (whether in the office or in the children's room)

- Don't allow yourself to take other people's things. Toys for a child are property that they treasure.

- Give your child advice on repairs or design matters in their room and apartment. Ask them how and where they want to place their baby toys. It will help avoid confusion in the future. Once the child has made up their minds and knows that the wooden cubes are on the bottom shelf, they are less likely to be found all over the house. Together, choose the design of the carpet for the nursery to make it more comfortable for the baby.

- do not push questions and do not enter into personal correspondence. Let your child know how your day went or about your worries or problems. If you are honest with it, it will open up to you more and tell you the secrets it sees fit.

If you creatively design a child's personal space, even in the smallest apartment, you can set up a cozy children's corner.

Teepee tent for kids, kids play tent,

An excellent gift for a child is a child guard or a house.

A tipi tent is not just a cozy place to play with children from 1 year old. It becomes a place where the child is a full owner. Baby development is not just about special educational toys . Playing in the tipi tent at home with a child requires imagination and imagination: today it's a castle, and tomorrow it's a fire station.

Teepee tent for kids, kids play tent,

Such a house will teach order to a child over three years of age. At first it is difficult for a child to clean the whole room, let it start small: he will bring order in the tent after the game.

A teepee tent for children will help transform any interior, it will fit perfectly in the children's room, make it more comfortable and beautiful. The soft children's carpet can be used separately from the house. Such a good toy for a child will be useful for several years, as it will be interesting for children of different ages.

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