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Playing is so important for children and imaginative roleplaying is one of the most important ways to learn about children about the world around them. Social skills, life skills and physical abilities will be with one during playing Dollhouse developed.

Dolls are among the oldest recorded toys, with dolls already found in the Greek and Roman period, with miniature houses even found in Ancient Egyptian graves (although they were certainly not intended for playing for children).

There are so many great advantages while playing with one Dollhouse. Children develop with the Doll furniture Language skills, hand-eye coordination, narrative thinking and fine motorcade. Playing with a dollhouse allows children to develop their imagination and to play real scenarios

Not to mention the fact that one Dollhouse Hourly playing fun and often played for years. And not only girls should have a dollhouse. Boys will benefit from the doll house game as well. And we have some great options for doll houses for boys.

 Parents help the development of children


Creativity and imagination

Children develop their imagination by using it, and role-playing toys like kitchens and Doll houses are perfect for this. Children will use their own life experiences and then develop and expand them. Creating scenes and scenarios that you can hit in any direction.


If you feel that your child has struggling with imaginative games, there are many things that you could try to help him on his way. Setting up the Dollhouse Can become a moving day game where the furniture comes delivered and set up in each of the rooms. And you could suggest other scenarios, how to finish you for school or to invite friends to barbecue in the garden.

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Development of social and life skills

Playing with dolls and Doll houses is also a great way for children to develop social and life-practical skills. In this way to play will develop your language and vocabulary in a natural way and help you to develop your ability to develop narrative thinking or storytelling.

 Parents help the development of children

Children often use dolls to play real and social situations that allow them to manage disturbing or difficult situations in a safe way. For this reason, are Doll houses Often popular in child therapy, as children often play scenarios that they would not speak otherwise.


Playing with friends also promotes sharing and alternating as well as the development of audience.

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Develop motor skills

The development of fine motor skills is tremendous for small children, as they require these skills to write, play a musical instrument and keynotes of their shirts or shoes.


The small size of one Dollhouse Means that you are constantly inserting your fine motor skills when you arrange the dolls and furniture or change your outfits. Depending on the size of the dolls and age of the child, this also requires hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Educational valuable toy

How long do children play with Doll houses?

Doll houses are more than sweet - they offer a wealth of playing opportunities for development. Most importantly, doll houses enable imaginative game that helps children develop their social skills and understand the world. Children play social situations, introduce themselves several perspectives and personalities and perform exercises on social conflicts.


But at what age are Doll houses current? Of course, every child is different, but in general, they can assume that children's different ages play with their dollhouse and learn.

Toys for toddlers Educational valuable


1-2 years

These pink toddlers just start to do so as if they were playing. You can hug a baby doll and brush your hair, but most children under two years will not really understand the concept to do so as their dolls in one Dollhouse Life. But that does not mean that you will not have fun with you! Toddlers love to explore a dollhouse features like sound effects and doors that open and close. You will also have fun to recreate furniture and find all the different ways to install dolls and accessories in the dollhouse's rooms.


At this age, doll houses are often more concerned about spatial exploration, fine motor skills and cause and effect than to play pretended.


The ideal Dollhouse in this age:


- extremely durable

- No small pieces that can be swallowed

- Doors or accessories for opening and closing

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3-5 years

You will really see that the fun starts here. At this age, children begin to invent stories with their dolls and to play them in the dollhouse. And no, these stories do not always make sense, but that's fine! By the idea of ​​conflicts and scenarios alone - no matter how silly you are - your child still wins so much understanding of the world and other people.


The ideal Dollhouse in this age:


- big enough to play with friends

- not so high that you can not reach the top floors

- Simple, robust furniture that you can move without breaking

 Parents help the development of children

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