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When a child turns three years old, it can already play with almost all possible toys. You can browse, because the selection in children's shops is so large that the look and mother often simply lose your orientation and do not know what to choose. Nevertheless, you first have to prefer useful toys that promote the development of your little one. In this article we will talk about the necessary toys in the life of a three -year -old baby.

Selection aid for young parents

A child at the age of three dominates almost all basic skills. It already knows perfectly how you go, run, speaks, communicates with other people and much more.

Toys for a three -year -old baby must meet the following requirements:

  • Influence the improvement of motor skills and the physical development of the little one.
  • Promotes the further development of fine motor skills.
  • has a positive effect on intellectual growth and language development.
  • Discover the environment in which he can try out every profession or create cities for his toys and manage everything there.
  • creates a calming influence on the baby (toys with music accompaniment and cuddly toys).
  • Developed mental skills (interactive toys, theme tables, books).
  • Developed creative tendencies (children's easel, plasticine and others).   Motor ceremony from 3 years
  • Necessary toys for a 3-year-old baby

    The small pups have a large number of toys, including toys for the development of sensory systems, including language development, to improve fine motor skills, the development of intelligence and logical thinking, which affect the identification of creative tendencies and the development of social skills .

    Active toy

    A three -year -old child is active and in constant movement. Mom does not have to let the baby out of her field of vision so that it doesn't climb somewhere or falls off the hill. The energy of the baby can be steered in the right rudder through games.

    The following toys are useful for active relaxation and games:

  • Balls
  • Bowling and golf
  • Roll toys
  • Dance mat
  • Bicycles and scooters
  • Motoric toy 1 year wood
  • Tone toys

    For the development of the child's hearing, it is important to use toys that makes different sounds and music. It does not hurt anyone to develop an aesthetic taste and musical tendencies from an early age. Sound toys also play an important role in the language development of the baby. It is not perfect at the age of three.

    Such sound toys are useful for children from the age of three:

  • Children's music instruments (a special place is taken by drum, piano, guitar).
  • Interactive books (pictures are accompanied by titles). Subjects with sound effects.
  • Toys that can speak

  • Toys for quiet activities

    Both active and passive games should be present in a child's life. For games that teach the baby endurance and the fine motor skills, the logical thinking and the creativity of the little one, you need such toys:


  • Building blocks
  • Cuddly toys
  • Dice
  • Sets of rubber lens
  • Puzzles, lottery, mosaic
  • Laces, sorters, nest dolls
  • Filling and painting utensils.
  • Activity board



    One of the little ones of the little ones is to play mother-daughters, doctor, police officer or cook. That is why children need toys that help them realize their dream.

    These toys include:

    A tableware set and a children's kitchen.

    Household appliances for children.

    Doctorate set.

    Doll furniture, strollers.

    A car that you can drive.

    The policeman's set.

    Dolls and cuddly toys (Patients, children and hungry guests).

    Support the child in such games. Finally, they prepare children for being adulthood, teach the little ones to experience, to empathize, to take care of others.

    Doll house large

    Toys for boys and girls


    Already at the age of three, children have a clear division of what boys need and what girls need. Therefore, the children also decided on choosing the toy.

    Necessary toys for girls aged 3 years:

    Baby doors and dolls.

    Children's kitchen, a dish (and maybe more than one).

    Doctorate set.

    My friend's daughter had four different dishes. These were mainly plates that differed in shape, material and color. The girl just loved it "Cook" to play. She managed to "feed" all of her dolls, cuddly toys and mom and dad.

    Toys everything in one

    Necessary toys for boys at the age of 3:

    A number of tools and a Small workshop.

    Soldiers, fortresses

    Sets from the police, military, fire brigade transport and ambulance.


    Radio -controlled toys

    Building blocks

    Almost all toys are suitable for playing a three -year -old baby. The main thing is to understand that there should primarily be in the life of a child who contribute to the overall development of the crumbs, fully meet all of its needs and meet the physiological norms. It is important that the games are safe. So if the toy contains parts, don't leave the baby unattended. Parents should try to participate in the child's games, because close contact with relatives is very valuable for him and it is more fun to play together.

    Mobile workshop

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