Orthopedic mats are the key to the harmonious development of your child - development of motor skills and fine motor skills. Motor skills in infants and motor skills in children online shop Bim-Ba.shop
How long have you not walked barefoot on the stones? And on the lawn? Strange questions? Not at all!
sensorimotor activity mattel

If your baby is just being born, you can touch their little fingers and massage their heels. But many parents don't even imagine that this gentle action is that useful!

Let's find out!
This is necessary for feet to develop strong and healthy from childhood. Why is that so important?

sensorimotor activity mattel The fact is that on a person's foot there are a large number of reflex zones that are responsible for the various functions of our body. And they need to be systematically massaged, influenced with different textures, children need to walk on natural surfaces or walk on special mats.
sensorimotor activity mattel

But parents know that once the child takes the first steps, they can't stop! He quickly runs away from his mother and no longer wants to lie down quietly during the foot massage. This is not a problem!

In Bim-ba.shop you can buy a range of orthopedic sensorimotor mats made up of 10 modules.

sensorimotor activity mattel

And it's not just a kid's toy! This safe material puzzle set has several functions:

✔ First, the modules simulate the texture of nature: grass, pebbles, twigs, cones. Small children step on them barefoot and their nervous system learns about different types of surfaces.

✔ Second, while walking on such an ortho mat, there is a foot massage. And it is important that part of the colored modules is soft and the other part is coarser. The feel of two optically identical mats will be very different. But very pleasant. We tested it ourselves)

sensorimotor activity mattel

Soft surfaces stimulate the muscles by gently massaging the feet. Modules with hard surfaces strengthen the ankle and activate less developed muscles. Diversity ensures the best balance and trains coordination in the little ones.

sensorimotor activity mattel

That's not all of the benefits! Walking on such a mat:

▪️ Improves blood circulation.

▪️ Stimulates reflex zones on the skin.

▪️ Develops a sense of balance and coordination.

▪️ Relieves painful areas.

▪️ Develops not only big, but also fine motor skills, as well as haptic perception in the hands. All because the child can stack modules like a puzzle himself.

sensorimotor activity mattel

Our mats are made of high quality material that is hypoallergenic, resistant to stretching and other mechanical influences. Make morning exercise more useful with your baby with orthopedic mats! It's a fun, safe, and useful development element. The puzzles are folded in any way you want with the help of the brackets and do not have high protrusions. And that means there is no risk of tripping and falling during class.

sensorimotor activity mattel

You can practice on mats in a playful way: dance with your baby or play!

You can tinker the paths by combining textures differently each time, you can also jump on «islands», distribute modules throughout the room, walk on all fours

sensorimotor activity mattel

Then your child will not only benefit from the activities with mats, but they will also have a lot of fun.

In addition - this set of orthopedic mats will be a wonderful gift for new parents. https://bim-ba.shop/collections/baby-teppiche/products/orthopadische-sensomotorik-mattel-set-aus-10-elemente

Buy the mats for you and your baby on our website, choose your set on bim-ba.shop !

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