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How do you choose a high-quality toys? Which toys should you choose as a gift for a child? These questions concern many parents. Now the stores offer a large selection Baby toys on. However, there are some basic principles for the selection of Toys for childrenall ages. In this article we give eight simple rules that will help you to navigate through the variety of toys.

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  1. Always make sure in what capacity the toy aims. If you have something already at home, do not copy it. Pyramids, mosaics, one can see. Although the figures vary greatly in size and shape, the operating principle remains the same. Consequent usually follows.
  2. There should not be many toys. Although many parents are sure that this is not the case. If many objects are around the child, it is difficult for him to concentrate on one. Not the quantity that counts, but the quality. Toys must for its development sure to be beautiful and useful.

3. Think about the abundant use of the toy. Try the purchase of five more games in addition to those offered by manufacturers games. Such toys will delight the child for long. The toy is intended to stimulate the imagination of the child and not to limit the given functionality

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  1. Buy toys with certificate. If the toy is beautiful but cheap, it can damage the health of the child. Finally, it is not known what material was used in the preparation.

5. The toy of the child must meet the age

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  1. Pay attention to the feel and the weight of the toy.
  2. Pay attention to the smell: If it is uncomfortable, the toy can be dangerous. On the website Let's attach great importance to materials and quality of the presented toys!
  1. The balance between complexity and simplicity of the toy is important. If the toy for the child is too simple and understandable, it gets boring fast. If it is too difficult, it will not appreciate in its true value. It is necessary to consider the "zone of the proximal development" of the child, something he can not, but really wants. And he will first master such a toy together with an adult and only then independently.

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in the Online toy shop can always be a decent Educational toys Select for your child and Buy baby toys online.

For exampleMontessori toy Busyboard Baby Elephäntchen This is a great option of a pedagogical Toy for a one-year child.

This is the first true musical instrument for your child. The world of music is so close, if such a guitar appears in your hands! From the first chords to the first song little time is very pass! And if you find it difficult to select a gift for a child, you can always give an electronic gift certificate for children for a reasonable amount parents of the baby -geschenkgutschein -for-kids-200 CHF

It is made from natural and secure materials according to the Montessori method. This wonderful Handmade toy will the Sensory development of your child Fetter and support for a long time.

A wonderful Gift for larger children is the four-string children's ukulele guitar

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This is the first real musical instrument for your child. The world of music is so close when such a guitar appears in her hands! From the first chords to the first songs, very little time will pass!

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And if you choose a Gift for a child difficult, you can have a parents of the baby at any time electronic gift certificate for children pay for a reasonable amount.

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