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Activity boardor also called Busy Board, sensory, secure boards that are equipped with everyday objects. This offers babies and toddlers a safe room to play with normally "forbidden" objects. Playing with the board develops motor and sensory skills and interacts with everyday household items such as door tinkers and zippers.

But you can use your own activity board at home and personalize it for your child by adding objects that you think for sure and with whom it likes to play.

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Which age is busy boards suitable?


Busy boards or Activity boards are for babies Suitable for six months. But also toddlers to an age of three years Enjoy these toys. The sooner you start using the Busy Board, the better. This offers your child a safe place where things can be experimented with things that you have previously banned.


This not only develops the motor skills, but can also encourage them to no longer touch real "forbidden" household items and instead focus on their own.

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Advantages of a well-equipped Activity boards for babies


Activity boards for toddlers Motive activity centers that encourage babies and toddlers to playfully learn with objects such as zippers, handles, wheels, laces, bolts and much more its surroundings.


The development of the gross engine capabilities of your baby is really important and from the moment it is 6 to 7 months old, you may start thinking about how you can help your child to set up, crawling and even running. Beyond Activity boards:


  • Promotional for fine motor skills and strengthens the power of fingers.
  • A sensory experience with pleasant textures and noises.
  • A problem solving, cause and effect research.
  • A booster for the imaginative and open-footed game.
  • Perfect for storing, without dirt, suitable for all interiors.
  • The best gift for babies who love light and courageous activity toys.


Busy boards are fun, are interactive and one Montessori- learning method for babies aged six months to toddlers at the age of three years. These Activity boards Can either be bought or made home yourself, using custom details as the name of your child can be added.


In general Activity boards Only household items included, no children's toys. This means that the motor and sensory development, playing and experimenting with formerly "forbidden" objects is to be promoted.


Whether you have a 10-month child that moves active, a 1-year-old child that just started to run self-employed, or a 2-year-old child who explores every angle of your house curious, Activity boards for toddlers Are a great way to help you to playfully learn.


The philosophy behind the Activity board


The philosophy behind toys like the Montessori Busy Boards is very simple: it is a natural toy, mostly made of wood, has nothing unnecessary. This is based on the conviction that children need to be encouraged to explore the world around them. Play is a large part of early childhood development.


Children quickly learn playfully by touching and exploring different items. A Activity board is originally one Montessori toy, that stimulates learning through experiments. It is a toy that can touch and hold a child. Learning to deal with everyday objects helps children to develop their fine motorcade. He will also help him explore and edit things themselves and in his own pace.

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Did you really know that you do not really need so many toys for your toddler? With a curious toddler who likes to be tinked, less can be more. They love to play with wooden blocks, to jump on a minicouch, to tinker to a box with kitchen utensils of plastic, sprinkle paper over the living room floor and enjoy a game with an open end.


These are all designed so that they develop their coarse motor skills and to offer toddlers the opportunity to explore their environment. The best way to offer your child's full sensory experience is to give him Montessori activity board to give.


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How to build one Activity board for your toddler

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As you probably already guess, there are infinite opportunities what you are on one Activity board can place everything. Here are some ideas:


  • Door locks
  • Tab
  • Zippers
  • Laces
  • Wheel of an old desk chair or desk
  • Individual name tag
  • Broken and old switches
  • To add this custom appearance, we recommend that you add a custom name tag to the Board or unify the colors you use.
  • This can be designed so that it fits the color scheme, or you can share your child for fun - but be careful that you may not read the name ... Wood (eg plywood) and household items or buy One thing on our website.

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