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The online shopBim-ba.shop offers uniqueEducational toysandLearning materialsfor your child.Busy board and motor skills board, Busyhouse and MotorikHausandBusycube and Motor skills cubehelp to develop logic, motor skills and independence.Ecological green materials, the latest elaborations of child psychologists and theMontessori methodcan inspire your child and help make your baby's daily life even happier.

All our productsare made from natural wood. They have no toxic or poisonous components and do not cause allergic reactions. The toys are painted and colored with non-hazardous, green, water-based components.

are for thisWooden toysmore practical, more sustainable and more ecological.

Our business Вim-ba.shopofferseducational toysfrom natural materials. The most interesting, heart-warming and child-safe toys, which have already become favorite toys of children and their parents, are carefully selected by us from all over the world.

We believe that quality, interesting, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful toys, made mainly from natural materials, are indispensable for the harmonious development of children.Educational toyspromote your child's cognitive and mental development and improve their creative abilities.

Our direct cooperation with workshops, manufacturers and exclusive dealers from different countries guarantees that we only produce qualitativelyHigh quality productsto offer.

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Our website presents unique handmadeBaby motor skills toysof the highest quality as well as products that provide a comfortable environment formotor developmentcreate in children. The list of productsis constantly updated. We put together an assortment based on the work of psychologists and themajor trends in parentingis based. We work with reliable and trustworthy suppliers and we give you a guarantee of the quality of our products.

In the first few months of a child's life, their eyesight, hearing and all of their senses are still tuned and sharpened. That's why toys in the first year of a child's life should maximize their development without creating risks.

Rattles are proven and definitely the best toy for babies up to one year old.BIM-BA.SHOPHas a sizeSelection of wooden rattles. Rattles develop a reaction to sounds, they keep a child busy for a long time.

There are also more modern toys that develop and soothe the youngest children. These arewooden mobile. Watching slowly spinning toys is soothing, so Mobile is considered one of the best ways to calm a toddler. This firstToys for newbornswill benefit both the baby and his parents.

From the age of one to two years, children develop very intensively. The further success of the kids depends on how this time passes. The child can already walk more confidently and independently, begins to do more difficult ones Bewegungen zu beherrschen:Squats, running attempts, jumping. The child already masters basic movements such as eating with a spoon and fork, drinking from a drinking cup or even from a mug.

At this age in development special attention is paid to visual and tactile acquaintance with the world. Shortly before 2 years, the child can already do different pyramids of ringsAssemble the motor skills cubes, items afterSort shape and color.

What toys might be interesting and useful for children of this age?

Puzzles with great detail and vivid plots, simple building blocks of geometric objects with great detail.

- Goods for creativity, drawing, modeling, playing with sand.

Toys with laces, large buttons, locks, buttons, various busy boards.

sorters and mazes.

- Books with stickers or other "complementary" elements (Velcro, strings).

- Toy in which there are large wheels and with which the child will safely move around the apartment while playing.

It is quite difficult to draw a clear line between the ages, since everything depends on the developmental level of the child. Everything is individual, so we give more general recommendations that you can use.

Many parents wait for this age with apprehension. It is also called„Three year crisis“ designated. Parents may notice changes in their child's behavior. At this age, he approaches everything more consciously, requires a lot of attention. The child's perception of himself and everything around him changes. From the role of a learner he becomes an active participant.

The active socialization of the child awakens the child's interest in adult professions. He begins to play role-playing games: a cook, a builder, a doctor.

Toys suitable for this age:

- For games for learning professions (tools of a plumber, doctor, inventory of a policeman, seller, hairdresser), toys for games that allow you to get acquainted with everyday life (stove, washing machine, kettle, microwave oven).

- food toys (fruit, vegetables, meat products) that can be attached to one another and cut using magnets.

- Everything for the development of creativity: paints, pencils, crayons.

- At this age you can already like complex building blocks with a large number of partsPuzzles kaufen.

- board games, develop logical thinking.

Witness to active games: football and basketball balls, darts,Balance board.


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Montessori toys

Pedagogy ofMontessoriis characterized as a pedagogical method that focuses on the child and his or her personality. In Montessori pedagogy, comparisons and measurements according to general standards are not used. Instead, children learn freely, without coercion, outside interference and criticism. Maria Montessori was convinced that both reward and punishment can damage people's inner orientation. People should learn from their own motivation.

Montessori pedagogy focuses on the needs, abilities and talents of each child. Children learn best when they are free to choose how they learn and play.

In the pedagogy ofMontessoriIt is most important to give the child the opportunity to develop his/her senses in a prepared environment that meets his/her psychological and physical needs.

In the online shopBIM BA.SHOPyou can find valuable educational toys and fabrics made according to the best traditions of this technique. WithMontessori toys, which is presented in our catalogue, it is possible to acquire various skills.

Motor Skills House is a toy house that consists of some busy boards. Busy house is a whole Play complex for toddlers, which satisfies many of gaming needs. There are different sorter and lacing, which children like to put together, it takes them a lot of time because they learn to concentrate.

The basic idea is that children play with the usual and familiar everyday things that are brought into a playful form. All our toys are made of reliable materials with respect to the child's age.

Our website offers a large selection Activity boards. You can choose the form and plot you like the most. Busyhouse, Motor Skills Cube and busyboard all variants of Motorikbords. A good busy board contributes to the development of:

Fine- and motor skills (this is the ability to control the body and make small movements with the fingers to accomplish the task given, this ability only starts to develop at the age of 1 year)

- Logic and cause-effect relationships (the child sees what his actions lead to and understands what needs to be done to open the door, etc.)

- Memory (especially visual, auditory and tactile - the more stimuli there are, the better the development).

- Persistence and concentration of attention (something not initially characteristic of children; e.g. the child's desire to open the door by the lock forces them to concentrate on their movements and get the job done no matter how difficult it is).

- persistence in reaching the goal (if the child does not need help from you, give him the opportunity to do it himself - the joy of achieving the goal will increase his confidence in his own strength and increase self-esteem).

Specialists in the field of child psychology and speech therapy have long established that the level of development of the child's speech directly depends on the development of fine motor skills in children. If the finger movements develop "according to plan", then the language development is also within the normal range.

The fine motor skills of the hands interact with the qualities associated with consciousness, such as attention, thinking, spatial awareness, coordination, imagination, observation, visual and motor memory, language. This is why the development of fine motor skills is also important because the child's entire future life will require the use of precise, coordinated movements of the hands and fingers required for dressing, drawing and writing, as well as many household and educational tasks.

You can massage the baby's fingers and hands, large objects, and then smaller onessort byleave - buttons, beads, cereal. Variouseducational toysthat on the siteBIM BA.SHOPare presented are good helpers in the development of fine motor skills.

Baby wooden toys for childrenoccupy a leading position in the ranking of items that can have a beneficial effect on the harmonious development of babies from birth to school. The main thing for parents who choose awooden toysdecide is to take into account the baby's age characteristics, because it can benefit him.

Wood radiates the energy of nature itself, it is a safe and hypoallergenic material. For the production ofchildren's toyswood with a dense, homogeneous structure that is not prone to cracking is used.

- Smooth sanded wood feels very pleasant, has a light unobtrusive aroma.

- toys made of woodare very durable. Thanks to their strength, they are quite capable of becoming a real family heirloom, without losing their attractiveness and delighting several generations of babies.

- Manywooden toysare designed in the style of minimalism, that is, they contribute to the active development of creative imagination.

- Children's toys of woodare very easy to maintain. Just warm water and soap are enough to treat them.

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