Halloween, Activity Hause with a cute Monster Om Nom - Wooden Busy Hause large - educational toys

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Baby motor skills toys

Monsters are not always evil, sometimes they are very kind and cute. On the eve of the holiday, together with our beloved bizi house, you get a cute shape-shifting monster that a child can settle inside. A house with a cute monster is the best Halloween gift.

Interactive development complex with the monster Om Nom, loved by everyone, as well as with the heroes of the popular game "Cut the rope"!
- "Om Nom" page
• On this side there is a large door with the main character - the little "Om Nom", through which the child enters the interior of the house. The doors don't have any sharp corners so it's safe to climb in and out
• Before the baby comes in, it has to make an effort by opening funny lollipop closures.
- The page "Emotions and Colors" is a whole textbook for the development of the child's emotional intelligence
Sorter "Emotion" - the child's task is to correctly place 8 cards with the heroes of the game in colors, shapes and emotions.
• Doors. Undoubtedly, the most popular element of all children - locks , hooks, spingalets - they are so fascinating to young explorers.
• Labyrinth with colorful balls. The child's task is to roll the ball through the maze to the character of the corresponding color
- Page "Schnürchen"
• Lacing. So simple and such a useful element!
• Bag, in which the child can put something, for example the figures from the cogwheel sorter!
• Two mazes according to the idea of the game
• Rain. Small wooden balls develop motor skills, strings can be made shorter and longer
• Socket. The baby will learn to use it and will not be interested in a real outlet!
• Zipper
- "Mechanisms" page
• Clock. Learn the time in a playful way!
• gears. With the help of rotations, the child begins to understand the causal relationships
• Internal gear. This difficult gear with a spider inside will enchant not only kids but parents too!
• Rotating squared timbers. Squared timber will help train your child to count to 5!
- roof "puzzle"
For older children it will be interesting to collect a puzzle with the heroes of the favorite game on the roof. The roof can be removed so you can collect the puzzle on the floor, on the table, and even outside!
- Roof sorter "Geometric Shapes" - 7 geometric shapes tinkered on a thick plywood of 12mm. On the surface of the roof there are pictures of game heroes that correspond to the characters by color! Sorters with colorful and simple geometric shapes will interest children from 8 months! The figures are worked out with the size of the child's hand in mind, they are easy to hold, easy to place, and most importantly, they are impossible to swallow!

Weight - 10 kg
Size - 42 x 42 x 62 cm




42 x 42 x 62 cm

Item number - T091

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