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Dino money box

Piggy Bank Dinosaur - A Universal Gift Option For Any Person!
Why children love the piggy bank: the child's emotions and joy are so beautiful when a coin that is sent to the dinosaur's mouth goes through a curved groove and falls into the dinosaur's stomach with a happy ringing! We know exactly where all the coins will be in the house.

Game with the piggy bank developed:
- fine motor skills
- Logic and numbers - the child will learn the numbers by heart in a playful way
- Motivation - helps teach, set goals and save money to achieve them

Piggy bank is collapsible - to get the collected coins, just turn the dinosaur's belly.
Made from high quality MDF coated with safe paint and impact resistant plastic.

Size: 50 х 40 х 20 cm


high quality MDF


50 х 40 х 20 cm

Item number - Dino-4

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