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busy board

When you buy this product, you will receive a unique gift as a giftstudy guide for exciting activities with your child!

It is much better and more correct to surround a toddler with real «live» toys, in which there is a soul and whose great advantage is that they are handmade, such as a wooden busyboard.

Double development busyboard made of natural wood with light elements trains attention, logic, fine motor skills of the baby.

  • Size 40 x 30 cm, 2 boards. Can even like a"a house" stand or be spread out horizontally
  • Flashlight (lights up when pressed), button, wheel, socket with plug
  • Different types of locks, switches, intercom
  • Bolts with nuts, door with hooks
  • Coil, bell, tambourine, zipper, velcro, elastic bands
  • Luminous remote control on magnet (lights up when pressed, easy to remove and reset)
  • Glowing spinner, block sorter with wires (the child should get the appropriate shape of the plug in his hole)

Motor skills toys should be found in every child's room.

Warning: the color and shape of the flashlight, spinner, rubber bands may differ from those in the photos!



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