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motor cube small

Despite its small size, this busy cube is very functional. Because on its five play sides are more than twenty Elementsuseful for the early development of the baby.
During play with the cube the child can learn the gears turn, open and close the locks on the doors, pass the maze, use the elements of clothing accessories. And it can also collect a sorter and at the same time memorize the names of colors and geometric shapes.
Through the lighting unit can use the cube as a Night light can be used as a night light. And when all the doors are open, it becomes a safe for favorite toys.

The fields include:

  • 1 side of the cube - 1 maze with obstacle, 1 drum (colors and numbers learning) and snake
  • 2 side of the cube - light module (2 bulbs light up by moving the cloud and star).
  • 3 side cube - large gears (4 details), 1 ratchet.
  • 4 side of the cube - colorful door (2 door, 3 locks)
  • Roof - large and bright sorter (5 parts of different shapes and colors).
  • 2 AAA batteries. in colors of textile elements may differ from those shown in the photo batteries.

Size -20 x 20 x 20 cm


Plywood, quality fittings

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