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When you buy a busyboard bus, you can use it in the following ways:
- The bus can be rolled
- Use it as a toy box (the top doors are easy to open and the child will be able to put the toys in them by themselves)
- Use it as a night light ! If you put a flashlight or a phone in it, you get a fascinating night light! Thanks to the holes on the roof in the form of geometric shapes, the same figures appear on the ceiling!
- And of course it's a fascinating busy board !

The fields of the cottage include:
- Maze "hats" - the child must make an effort to correctly put all the hats on the passengers of the bus.
- The element "door" - the passengers of the bus are not only the inhabitants of rainy London, but also charismatic animals (horse, cow, sheep and pig). To find all passengers, the baby has to open as many as 8 doors!
- Rotating squared timbers with pictures of animals and shapes
- Interactive clock - Learn hours and minutes in a fun way!
- Radiator grilles - when the child opens the grilles, they see the complex engine of the bus!
- Element "chains" - the child learns different textures and sounds. The chain can be pulled, gripped and even disassembled!
- Sorter "Geometric Shapes"
- There is a fascinating sorter with geometric shapes on the roof of the bus. The figures are graphic and rich in contrast.

Weight - 6.0 kg
Size - 47 x 29 x 34 cm




47 x 29 x 34 cm

Item number - Beez-A1

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