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Baby Activity house

With a modest size, this house is very functional - it has more than two dozen elements. They are all of different degrees of difficulty: some interest a one-year-old baby, and others will like the child 4-5 years. Each detail is useful in its own way:

  • Sorter develop logical thinking
  • Labyrinths strengthen fingers
  • gears improve the coordination of movements
  • And the lighting unit helps to turn Bizybord into a Night light with a pleasant soft light.

This bizibord with a secret! When you all doors open, you can turn it into a small garage, safe or house for small dolls transform.

Equipment of the house: gear, ratchet, satellite, toothed element with lock simulation, mazes, snake, belt lock, carabiner, Velcro, shoelace, belt lock, reversible image, drum, maze, light module, bell, colorful doors with locks; on the roof are two large sorters.

Size: 30 х 37 cm


Plywood, quality fittings

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