Book with home exercises. Training book for home. Cognitive development and logical thinking for children. In German.

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Study guide

In the book you will find effective exercises for the development of logic and thinking for children from 3 to 7 years. All exercises are conveniently spread out over the days and designed for 21 days of instruction. You simply open the day you need and your child does the exercises.

Benefits of the book for your child:
1. learn to make decisions for themselves
2. the speed of thinking will increase
3. memorization and attention skills will increase
4. it will be easier to perceive new material
for study purposes
5. the academic performance will improve
6. will read and count faster

- After payment you will receive a ready file with exercises.
- You print these exercises on simple A4 sheets.
- You can print them with both color and monochrome printer.
- Every day you open the exercises for the current day and fulfill them.

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