Motor cubes wood, sensory toys, Montessori wooden toys - rainbow, yellow

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Motor cubes

 Wood will be a favorite toy for your child for a long time! Wooden toys are very colorful, with many useful elements for the development of fine motor skills, imagination, endurance and logical thinking! Motorike Cube has a backlight!
All toys are made and painted with special love and responsibility by hand with special love and responsibility!

Detailed description: ⠀
Page 1: Tree with Velcro - the sentence contains Velcro fasteners that have to be glued to the tree! The fruits that grow on the trees are painted on the coins, so that the child develops harmoniously in the game! After the harvest you can send the fruits through the ladder into the basket, they will roll funny!

Page 2: Page with Pfau will help your child learn colors and shapes! All figures are on magnets so that they are not lost! On the side there is a happy trumpet on which you can roll the ball that is included in the sentence! Such a fun game trains the coordination of the child's movements! If you stroke the belly of a pause, you can take into account how sequins change the color! Fingers are needed to turn the gear and look at the animals that hide behind them. If you turn the drum with a handle, the pearls are sprinkled funny!

Page 3: The happy ice cream bus shows when scrolling the wheel the taste has! Contains wood coins with pictures that have to be thrown into the ice ball and they will fall in drawer! This game develops logical thinking, fingering and visual memory of the child! The lighting of the whole cub shines from the switch! Bicycle blade will delight the baby with the Klnag!

Page 4: Page with doors with different opening principles! Labyrinth with directions up and down. The battery -operated lamp shines by pressing the handle and! Mirror cloud attracts children's attention! The socket is made in the form of a flower in which the child has to insert the plug.

Page 5: Get a beautiful picture with a rainbow and clouds! The butterfly turns with the handle! With the flowers, the child has to learn to put on the rubber bands on them!

Size: 35 x 35 x 35 cm

Important information

Attention: Not suitable for children under 18 months due to swallowable small parts. Use toys only under the supervision of adults.


Plywood, quality fittings

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