Orthopedic sensorimotor matt set made of 8 elements

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Orthopedic sensorimotor matte

This basic set is a coordinated combination of soft and hard surfaces.

  • The modules stimulate with hard surfaces and strengthen the foot vault. Due to the pleasant stimulus, little pronounced muscles are activated and strengthened.
  • Soft surfaces stimulate and massage the feet gently. The variety ensures better balance and trains the balance for the little ones.

Our orthopedic mats imitate the different substrates of nature: grass, pebbles, branches. The little ones enter the mats barefoot and deal with various stimuli.
The rounded knobs stroke, massage and stimulate reflex zones on the skin surface. The child only works with his own weight and learns to master his body, trains the balance and coordination ability.

  • All modules fit together like a puzzle so that the child can put together them as you wish. At the same time, his fine motor skills and tactile perception are trained in the hands.
  • The structural mats support the development of physical and cognitive functions and are an essential aid in era and physiotherapy.

Size of the individual parts: 25 x 25 cm.
Set includes 8 modules:

  • 2x thorns soft
  • 2x cones soft
  • 2x pebbles white
  • 2x grass soft



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Baby 8

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